Top tips to enhance your change agility

“There is nothing permanent except change”

Are you one of those people who like change or are you someone who runs a mile away from any sign of a change!
Change Agility is a term used to describe the ability to quickly and successfully concentrate and implement change in a business. A study carried out by Towers Watson in 2013 found that 55 percent of all change programmes fail. A business that continually improves their change agility improves the probability that their strategies and plans will be fully implemented and therefore achieve their expected benefits. A business to be successful needs individuals who are adaptable and can anticipate what change is needed.
Through change periods we need to stay focused, positive, use clear communication channels and be methodical to achieve the end result.

Tips I’ve picked up along the way include:

• Understand what you see as a threat and then build in tactics to change your mindset. Changes I’ve been part of made me feel threatened as I felt I had lost control. The first step was to understand myself and work to bring in some areas that I could contribute to and therefore feel in control. Use this to build your passion. Build into your thinking a way of seeing the change as an opportunity. Think about what the situation can offer you. Identify what the worst is that could happen with the change and often you will find that actually reassures you.

  • How you are feeling emotionally, especially if tired and unwell, can make a difference to how you see that change. Ensure when leading any change, you are refreshed and ready to set the right tone. Negative feelings will drain you.  Also, think about the language you are using.  The difference between negative and positive can make a huge difference to your mindset and others.  For example, I made a mistake this time but I’ve learnt something to use for the future compared to I knew this wouldn’t work can make a huge difference  

• Staying positive is really hard at times. But things like taking ownership can make a huge difference. Some of us have a default position of stepping back and waiting but what I have learnt is that doesn’t work and I feel better when I actually identify what I can support and take forward in my small area. Identify what you can control and influence and get on with it!

• Build your resilience. You have many strengths and you need to remember that you are more than capable and each time you go through a change you learn something new. Remind yourself of what you have been through and the achievements to date. As part of the resilience build a support network which will reduce uncertainty and also builds a camaraderie and enhances skill sets. This has certainly helped me through many changes. Offer empathy to other who are struggling with the changes you are going through but remember to stay positive and concentrate on the aims and how you can grow as a result of this change.

• Remember to stay focused on the end result and what success looks like. I have seen so many change programmes falter because people have got lost along the way and forget what the success looks like. Be honest about your values and beliefs, use these to make the change better. Keep your mind open to learning new ways of thinking.

Additionally, identify what the top priorities are, as by having focus enables the goals to be reached. Set weekly what your goals are. This needs to include work and personal. Make sure you give yourself space to think and reflect. The reflection really does help you to see when you are not coping well and gives you the opportunity to reframe your thoughts.

Using these tips build yourself a change strategy. Create tactics to take you through each change. Consider what you need to understand the change. What would help you to not get stuck in the negative? Understand what helps you cope with ambiguity when going through change and how you will show the face of a change agent.

Good luck with your change agility and let me know your experiences of any changes you go forward with. If you want any help in taking a change forward or improving your ability to handle change, contact me on 07766010942 or at

Take care

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