Monthly archives:October 2017

  • Why would you hire a Management consultant?

  • People often ask me why would you want to hire a consultant? It’s clear from their faces they can’t see the value and wonder what they will gain.Well here are 5 reasons to hire a management consultant if you employ staff:1. A fresh perspective - Often when you’re in the middle of your busine[...]
  • Stop the bullying

  • Recently I’ve been thinking back to my first few jobs and what I learnt from them. For many years I worked for my mum and dad in their tea room and memories are full of laughter and love. At 18, I left home and went to work out in the big city. What an eye-opener!My first real job was clerical a[...]
  • Emotionally managing change for Individuals

  •  Do we as leaders and Managers really think about how people are affected when we bring in change?Do we give enough support through change periods?As leaders, we are all so busy yet we are still managing employees and we need to give time to support our employees through any change. I’v[...]