5 Things To Know When You’re Leading Through Change

In the world of business and leadership, change is a constant companion. But whether you’re having to pivot in response to changes in the market, implement new processes, or deal with an increase or decrease in demand, how you deal with change is the most important predictor of business success. Leading change is not easy. … Read more

The 5 Keys to Creating High Performing Teams

Every manager’s dream is having a harmonious and high-performing team that pulls together to help the business become successful and more profitable. But this doesn’t just magically happen, there are some foundations you have to lay to achieve success. A high performing team is built on the back of a high-performance culture; the right conditions … Read more

Assertiveness: The Missing Ingredient in Effective Leadership

Does being more assertive make you a more effective leader? In tough times, employees value leaders who will tell it like it is and get the job done, but an important thing to note is that assertiveness is not the same as aggression. You can be assertive without being obnoxious; taking a balanced approach always … Read more

Top 7 Tips For More Effective Remote Meetings

This year, we have all had to get used to remote team meetings. On the one hand, they’ve helped us stay in contact with each other and helped us keep things up to speed, but on the other, technical glitches and the difficulty of communicating when we aren’t getting the usual non-verbal cues has been … Read more

How Business Owners Hold the Key to Better Employee Experience and A Healthier Business

One of the most important jobs a business owner has is managing and improving the employee experience, from the first time they walk through the door to the day they leave the business.   Employees who have a good experience at work are more engaged, productive, and fulfilled, plus they won’t be as tempted to seek greener pastures. … Read more