Breathing life and passion into your teams and managers. Management, Leadership & Business Consultancy Are you an SME seeing an increase in sickness and absence rates? Is your staff turnover higher than you’d like? Do you feel under constant pressure? Is the situation at work like a ticking time bomb? Are constant interruptions, firefighting, and … Read more

Onwards and Upwards Resilience Virtual Class

2020 has been a huge test of our resilience. Change, uncertainty, upheaval, and the personal impact of the pandemic and lockdown will have made us all think at some point; “ I wish this was over.” “ I can’t cope, when will this stop?” “ Why can’t things just go back to how they were?” … Read more

Leadership and Management Cards

ARE YOU STUCK FOR WORDS? When it comes to engaging with employees, how good are you at starting the conversation? Maybe you’re a new manager and you’re dreading your first 1-2-1s with your team members? You’re wondering how on earth to ask the right questions and find out more about people, without it seeming like … Read more