Developing Your Assertiveness For Success Workshops

Assertiveness is key to success in any area of life.

Whether you’re looking to get ahead at work, or simply want to improve your relationships, being assertive is crucial.

This set of 5 lunchtime workshops will help you understand the importance and value of assertive behaviour, and how it can impact your life for the better.

You’ll learn about different situations where assertiveness is required and identify areas where you may find it difficult to be assertive.

With this newfound knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to take on the world with confidence.

The next set of 5 online workshops takes place the week commencing 27th June 2022 over consecutive days (Monday to Friday) at 1 pm each day for approx. an hour. 

You will:

  • Learn how to be more assertive in both personal and professional settings
  • Understand the impact of your behaviour on yourself and others
  • Gain knowledge of different types of aggressive, passive-aggressive, submissive and assertive behaviours
  • Reflect on situations where you are more likely to favour a particular behaviour and why

Feedback from attendees of previous workshops:

“Really enjoyed today and thank you”

“Great session today Nicola , loved the word search and the yeah but no but “

“Really enjoyed meeting you today and thought your session was brilliant”

“Greaat session – thank you”


The set of five workshops are only £99 per person

Being too aggressive can ruin relationships and being too passive can leave you feeling taken advantage of.

It’s a difficult balancing act that most of us struggle with at some point in our lives.

This 5-day workshop program will help you find the middle ground and learn how to express yourself in a way that is respectful and beneficial for both you, your work colleagues and your loved ones.