DISC Assessment

Your Key to building a Great team

Are you a business owner who dreams of having a motivated, engaged, and resilient team that pulls together to achieve business goals?

Does this dream feel pretty far off right now?

It doesn’t have to be.

A DISC assessment can provide you with detailed personality profiles of your team members to give you an invaluable insight into how they communicate best, why they behave as they do, what motivates them, and more.

You can imagine how useful this information would be to you as a business owner.

Imagine knowing how to communicate with your team members much more effectively.

Think about how understanding exactly to get the best out of your team would supercharge your business?

How would you feel if you knew the key to motivating your team and inspiring them to embrace change, or to perform better?

The Benefits

I guide your team through a DISC assessment and then offer feedback to individual team members, and you, the business owner.

The results will:

Don’t be left second-guessing any longer

The foundation for the growth and success of any business is a motivated, engaged, and productive team, and by using DISC, you won’t be left second-guessing about how you should build one.

By really understanding your people and how they work best, you can improve morale, hang on to your best talent, create a productive and harmonious workplace, and grow as a leader.

Arrange your DISC assessment today

All of my consulting packages can incorporate DISC.

I also run a one-hour DISC mentoring session where we look at what DISC is and how you can use it to assist you in your leadership to create a more harmonious workplace, grow your business, and build a more secure future.

For more information on how I can help you create the business you envisioned when you started, get in touch today!

DISC sessions start at £150 per person.

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Book your DISC assessment today (£150 per person) or book a discovery call to discuss DISC assessments for your team – this is a free 30-minute Zoom call.