Embracing Change: Onwards and Upwards to a More Resilient Future

Think of the last time you went through a really big, unsettling change. For many of you, it will be the situation we’ve collectively lived through this year, and are continuing to live through.

The change that has been brought about by the pandemic has been unforeseen and abrupt, and when change happens in this way, we usually think about how we wish it was over and that things would just go back to the way they were before.

But is that really the way you want to go when this is all over?

Thinking of how things were can bring some comfort, but sometimes returning to the status quo is not what you need for future growth and happiness.

Every single time we go through change, whether we consider it to be positive or negative, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on life and think about what’s really important.

My questions for you today are; where have you been, where are you now, and what do you want the future to look like?

In this blog, I want to talk about how answering these questions can help you move onwards and upwards to a more resilient future.

Change focuses us on our real priorities

There’s nothing like huge, rapid change to focus you on your priorities. Take the lockdown for example. As many people were forced to work from home, they realised that they quite enjoyed being able to spend more time with the family, or on their hobbies. As people were forced to slow down, they began to wonder what good living their lives at 100mph had really been doing them.

All of a sudden, the pressure and the striving didn’t seem as important, and people placed more importance on their wellbeing. Some people embarked on a completely different course of life altogether from the one they were on.

Change is not always bad. Sometimes, it forces us to reflect on what’s happened, what we can learn from it, and how we can use that new knowledge to build a brighter future.

Plan for the possibility of a brighter future

Change can initially bring about some very negative and uncomfortable feelings, like denial, shock, anger, and hurt. But taking time to reflect on what change actually means for us, and looking at things through a different lens can not only help us accept it but build a more positive future on the back of it.

Where do you want to be?

Asking yourself this question can really help make you feel more in control and give you hope that the future will be brighter. How do you want to live in the future? How do you want to feel? What will help you move onwards and upwards and keep you feeling resilient?

Shifting your perspective from the negative impact of change to the positive effects can make a huge difference to your resilience and wellbeing.

Change can be very disorienting, but never forget that as humans, we have a huge capacity for change, and we can take something positive from even the toughest of experiences.


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