Harnessing the Power of Your Team for Growth

You know that the key to improving business performance and profitability lies in harnessing the power of the collective. You know that developing teams and involving them more in the way things are run is the way forward.

  • But are managers equipped to develop, lead, and transform teams for business growth?
  • Are teams working hard without clear direction, or without any idea of how they contribute to the bigger picture?
  • Are you spending your valuable time firefighting instead of focusing on priority strategic HR tasks?

I can help you harness the power of your business team for growth.

Work with me and I’ll:

  • Equip managers with the skills they need to get teams working together to meet business goals.
  • Work to up-skill teams and help them feel supported and energised.
  • Give you your time back so that you can work on the HR tasks that will directly contribute to business growth.

I do all this and more as part of my Harnessing the Power of Business Teams for Growth package.

Package details

The package includes:

  • A review of the business and your needs to discover what the real issues are.
  • Exploring the current mission, vision, and strategy, and deciding whether they really reflect the ultimate goals for the business.
  • Looking at problem-solving techniques and how to harness the power of your team to do this.
  • Sharing different decision-making techniques to give employees the confidence and ability to make decisions.
  • Setting up a ‘Generating Ideas’ programme. Businesses grow through embracing new ways of thinking, not doing things the same way they’ve always been done.
  • Implementing Visual Management so managers and teams can see key business information at a glance.
  • Providing training and working closely with teams to introduce Standard Operating Procedures so everyone knows how things should be done.
  • Implementing a training programme to get everyone thinking together, and working together as a team.
  • Establishing a change culture that supports you and brings in change positively.
  • Reviewing processes to cut out waste and upskill team members so they can do this in the future.
  • Reinforcement of learning through bitesize sessions and videos*.

*All training materials and videos are yours to keep, so that new employees coming into the business can benefit from the training in the future.

What you can expect from me

I’ll be onsite for a minimum of twelve half-days working with you, managers, and teams. I know that everyone’s time is precious, so I use bitesize learning in the form of workshops (for 1-12 people) or virtual learning (just 10 minutes per day) to reinforce what people have learned.

The package investment is £3000.
This can be paid as a one-off payment or paid over 12-months to spread the cost.
MasterClasses can be added to this package at an additional cost.

Want to know more about how this package can develop your people and supercharge business performance and profitability?

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