Harnessing the Power of Your Team for Growth

You want to expand your business and increase profit.


Your team have been working really hard, and you know that given a chance they would have amazing ideas to help your business run more efficiently and serve your customers even better. But you’ve noticed stress increase. Their hard work without a clear direction starts to take its toll on their energy and commitment.

You envision your business working like a well-oiled machine, with employees who are energised and trusted, but at the moment it seems a step too far.

 You’re the main cog in the wheel that keeps the business going so you worry you don’t have the time to get fit for growth. It feels like you’re always going to be fire-fighting instead of getting the team working together on moving the business forward.

You want to be a business fit for growth.

 I can help you harness the power of your team for growth. 

If you’re seeking a secure future, with dependable income and great potential for you and your employees – work with me

Your team will be up-skilled, supported and energised about the future.

 And you’ll be a respected and valued leader, with an action plan to create your well-oiled machine, and see the profits and potential of your business increase.

Package price is £1,800

This can be paid as a one-off payment or spread over 10 months to spread the cost.

The Package price includes:

  • A review of your business and your needs to discover what the real issues are.
  • Exploring your current mission, vision, and strategy, and deciding whether they really reflect your ultimate goals for the business.
  • Looking at problem-solving techniques and how you can harness the power of your team to do this.
  • Setting up a ‘Generating Ideas’ programme. Businesses grow through embracing new ways of thinking, not doing things the same way they’ve always been done.
  • Implementing Visual Management so you and your employees can see key business information at a glance.
  • Providing training and working closely with your team to introduce Standard Operating Procedures so everyone knows how things should be done.
  • Implementing a training programme to get everyone thinking alike, and working together as a team.
  • Reinforcement of learning through bitesize sessions and videos.


I’ll be onsite for a minimum of six half-days working with you and your team.

All training materials and videos are yours to keep, so that new employees coming into the business can benefit from the training in the future.

MasterClasses can be added at an additional cost


Book a call with me today to find out how.