1.2.1 Turbo Hour – Leadership Mentoring

Are you a Leader or Manager struggling with work situations?


Are you feeling out of depth or feeling your emotions are out of control?

You’re probably having sleepless nights and feel like you are floundering.  Your heart is always pounding!

Maybe, you feel as if the Leaders above you, don’t rate your work.

Perhaps the boss isn’t listening to your ideas.

It all seems so much like hard work and you just can’t see a way out.

Perhaps you feel very lonely in your role?



Why not try a 1-2-1 turbo hour mentoring session with me?

  • You will feel listened to and as a result of the conversation, we will work together to come up with actions to make life easier and work time better.
  • You will gain more confidence, as the sessions happen and as a result, you will see a shift in your mindset and how others see you.  You will cope with anything that is thrown at you!
  • Stress will start to disappear and you will feel rejuvenated. Imagine that feeling….

One Turbo Hour could make all the difference to your leadership style and results. 

With my background in leading operational strategic teams, I will use my experience to bring the best out in you and help you grow and develop as a person and Leader.

I will draw out your strengths and help you create opportunities to showcase your talents. Years of mentoring Managers and Leaders alongside the Leadership workshops I have designed and presented will make you feel fully supported and comfortable.

Whatever your Leadership issue is, I will help you.

Perhaps you’ve tried coaching but it didn’t give you the practical answers you needed.  The People Mentor session will identify positive actions you can take immediately.

Email now to have the initial discussion to see how I can help you.

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