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Many managers and leaders fall into their roles accidentally.

It can feel so overwhelming. You can feel like a rabbit in headlights with employees and other leads looking to you for answers.

Underneath it all, you feel a quivering wreck.

You take the problems home in your head and it’s affecting your sleep and your concentration at home.

Your family often tell you that you’re not listening and let’s be honest they may as well be not there!

You just want that calm oasis and not to feel like you’re sticking plaster over everything.

Well, that can all change with me as your mentor.

I’ve been there and worn the t-shirt.

I understand the sense of overwhelm and not knowing which way to turn.

I know the feeling you need to do long hours to cope. 

Especially when all you really want to do is be at home.

You just want the panic and uncertainty to disappear when dealing with work colleagues. You want to stop putting a mask on in front of colleagues.

And bear in mind, if you keep covering up then you are likely to end up ill. Do you really want that?

That can all change by having me by your side. Mentoring sessions will give you the place where you can unburden and share the issues and problems at work and find your peace and answers. I’ve spent years mentoring Managers and Leaders through their career.

My only requirement is that you genuinely care about your employees, want happiness in the workplace and you want to make the difference within your role. Without this, then the motivation to actively develop yourself won’t happen.

And I need to see you are moving forward by taking the actions we identify in your sessions.

Otherwise, what is the point?

Work with me and find that safe place and release the pressure both at work and at home.

The added bonus is I am there if you want a quick chat by the telephone between sessions to support and give you the sounding board you need.

Start to see your teams and employees want to go the extra mile for you and performance increase by the work we do together.

Find your home life again and even a better sleep pattern. 

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Power Sessions are £75 and can be booked directly here.

And knowing how difficult it can be to have these conversations in working hours I do have slots outside of the 9 am – 5pm.

Nicola was introduced to me from my network after I reached out for support with ED&I in our business. What started as a quick conversation to give me some pointers turned into a brilliant series of coaching sessions which not only gave me chance to reflect and develop my own approach to the initial subject, but so much more around how to help develop and train people around me. Nicola sent useful, engaging and thought provoking content, she challenged and questioned my thought processes.
I've come away not only clearer on the journey I need to take with my own ED&I strategy but with an additional tool kit of performance management and training exercises and ideas for the wider business.

Chris Huffen, Regional Managing Director (Outstanding Recruitment)

Nicola is a breath of fresh air - giving good solid advice and support tailored to your needs.

Tracey Harrison, Senior Lead (Civil Service)

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