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Latest Event – ”
Thriving not Surviving – The Art of Resilience” Masterclass

How resilient are you?

Would you like to be able to cope better with problems and setbacks? Would you like to have a better relationship with your employees? Would you like to be able to think positively and focus your precious energy on what you can control? This is resilience.

Join me for my beta resilience masterclass where you’ll learn;

• Why resilience is so important for business success
• How to overcome negative thinking
• How to focus on what you can control
• How emotional intelligence can improve workplace relationships
• How to support colleagues and devise a workplace support system
And much more!

Are YOU ready to stop merely surviving, start thriving, and enjoy success?
There are only 10 spaces available, so book your spot soon to avoid disappointment!

£75 per person including lunch, coffee, tea and pastries and the opportunity to network with other businesses. This price is a one-off as a beta version and will increase next time.

Email me to purchase tickets

Bite-Size Masterclasses start at £300 for half-a-day

  • Up-levelling your leadership for managing successful teams
  • How to increase your influence at work
  • How to do change well in your small business
  • How to manage a team to avoid grievances
  • How to manage a team for high productivity and happiness
  • How to Build Resilience in times of uncertainty
  • How to create a simple Employee Induction process
  • The Art of Delegation – do you what you do best, delegate the rest
  • How to succeed at difficult conversations
  • Thriving not Surviving – The Art of Resilience

Want to discuss running a masterclass for your business, then email to set up a discussion . Masterclasses can be tailored to your business needs