Mentoring for HR Managers

It’s so easy to get bogged down in the everyday processes. From pulling together a policy to furloughing team members to dealing with grievances, it can all seem very process-driven.

But employees have emotions and feelings and by learning to tap into these through a variety of methods and tools will enable the business to flourish as well as the employees.

Sometimes it just needs a confidential sounding board and time away from the business and the role to see different options and create a way forward.

Now more than ever we are realising we want happiness and a good work: life balance and part of my mentoring role is enabling you to get there. To feel like that trusted friend who shares options and give you the enlightenment you crave.

You will tap into the lessons and experience I have gained from my 30 plus years working and in HR/Leadership roles.

The feeling of being supported and the commitment I make to you will create a feeling of anything is possible within the business space.

You will feel surer of the decisions you are making within your role and the confidence will spill over into the Managers and teams.

Sessions can be carried out face to face or virtually. After the session key actions and sources of information will be emailed creating accountability and a source to refer to.

Packages are:

6, weekly sessions – £900

Approximately 90-minute per session each week for six weeks. Payment in full or in instalments.

12, weekly sessions – £1700

Approximately 90-minutes per session, plus additional bitesize reading and/or video development across the 12-weeks. Payment in instalments available.