Having Difficult Conversations as a Manager


The key aims of this programme:

  • To create a Leadership that has the confidence to deal with problems, hold difficult conversations, and build employee engagement to create an open, honest, and enthusiastic workforce that delivers the performance and profitability needed for a sustainable and growing workplace.
  • To create a culture where people are open to change as well as being keen to develop and perform better within their roles.

The In-depth Programme will include:

  • Sessions on Using Strengths to build Confidence
  • Sessions on “Up levelling Your Leadership” which looks at different leadership styles and how to adapt.
  • Sessions covering Dealing with Challenging People & Circumstances to give leaders and managers the confidence to hold difficult conversations and deal with difficult situations.
  • Sessions covering Conflict; understanding what lies behind it and how to deal with it.

The 8 weeks of daily bite-size learning is a combination of videos, blogs and other material