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As a small office-based employer, do you want to feel confident in your approach with your employees?

Success With Employees Online Membership for Small Office-Based Employers

You are growing your business and want a more structured approach to managing your employees.

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Or alternatively, pay an annual fee of £550, set for the duration of your membership with no price increases. 

So, you’re been working with employees for a while. 

You’ve sorted the contracts and the policies and you’re muddling along. 

But a few months after you find your dream employees, things start going wrong.

There always seems to be mixed wires with communications and people getting the huff.

Or tasks aren’t completed as you expected.

You notice they don’t seem as motivated as when they first started, but you’re at a loss as to how to relight their fire.

Maybe delegating some more responsibility would give them a challenge and turn things around, but what would that mean for you?

It’s all starting to feel like a battlefield, and that’s why when you’re a small employer, you need help that goes beyond the basics.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone had told you this before you started employing people?

Well, consider me your fairy Godmother!

Time and time I see businesses with no clear boundaries, values, and expectations in place. If they exist, they have not been communicated.

My new “Success with employees” membership is for small office-based employers, just like you.

I will share with you my decades of knowledge and experience, as well as helpful tips to help you get the best out of your employees. 

Want a sound baseline from which to grow your employees AND your business?

You’ve got it!

These are the nuts and bolts that will help you structure your business to create a stable launchpad for your next growth stage. 


The initial membership programme is divided into seven sections including:

Each section contains several modules, listed in the order that will give you the building blocks to create a high-performing and harmonious team, and a successful business to match.

Over the months further online material will be added to keep on taking you to the next growth level as a leader.

There’s also a virtual chat group where you can drop into for extra free online live training to support your online learning.  And a safe space to share issues and have discussions.

Are you ready to realise your dreams of business success and a team that just gets on with the work?

The People Mentor in Action

This online membership will give you all the resources you need to start to be the best employer ever.

Want to feel in control?

Want to feel confident in the way you handle your employees?

Want your employees to be working hard to get you to where you want to be?

Then this membership will help you get on the way to building the right environment and give you the ability to deal with employee issues and grow your business.

Sign up now for the annual monthly membership at £50 per month for the duration of your subscription

Employees often work in the dark unsure what a business is really trying to achieve, a bit like walking along a dark windy road with no light.

Setting the right standards will create the right culture for growth and ensure your employees are a good fit.

Have you spelt out the behaviours expected?  When an incident happens, it makes it much harder to deal with, if this hasn’t happened.

Or perhaps you are struggling to hold the conversations that are needed.  I will give you the tools to create a conversation that is open and honest that gets results.

Have you delegated tasks to discover that it has all gone wrong and you might as well have done the task yourself? I will talk you through what you need to consider when delegating and the actions needed to be successful with delegation. 

"Nicola put together an excellent Management Essentials course and proactively found a way to deliver this despite the lockdown. The material was wide ranging and well put together and delivered in an engaging way, encouraging team working and enabling us to learn from others' experiences. I was impressed with Nicola's depth of knowledge and passion for her subject. You can tell she's truly motivated to fill the workplace with better managers and her engagement is personal and committed, going the extra mile in recommendations for each person."
Sue Phipps
Product Development Manager

What if you’ve never managed someone before?

Being a good manager and learning these skills means your business will grow quicker, less staff turnover, the right people will stay, the wrong people will leave and you can reduce you recruitment costs and you won’t have to always be in the babysitting stage

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Monthly Membership £50

When you start the right way with your employees, you set the baseline to move forward.  It makes life easier as you grow your business.  Everyone will know where they stand.  It creates the right environment for employees and you to be open and honest. It gives you the strong foundations as an employer. It stops issues growing and exploding.

All components of the online course are in bitesize format.  It is easier to absorb short videos and then take the actions needed.   The lessons range from 15 minutes to approx.. 35 mins.

Although in some sections there are bonus videos lasting thirty minutes on average.  These are to aid you in embedding the learning.

Each section has a workbook, and most areas have templates and checklists to download and use.

It is self-study with an option of popping into the group to ask questions and discuss the learning.

It is a course that you can return to across the year and refresh yourself with.

I’ve captured my experience from over 30 years of leading teams and projects.  My journey has included ensuring employees were brought into the business properly and were fully trained to give the best customer service possible. I was asked to investigate issues with Inductions in my time with this Employer.

The lessons I learn from when I got it wrong are also captured here to stop you making those same mistakes.

This material has  been written using my many years of experience and the latest research from Chartered Management Institute, the Institute of Leadership and Management and CIPD – The professional body for HR and people development. I’ve extracted key points to get you started as well as remembering the intense days of taking on new employees.

New resource will be regularly added and shortly new material will be added including managing change and uplevelling your leadership style.

If you are going to buy the membership and never do the work, then there is not much point purchasing it.  This is about you taking the actions.  This needs you to give commitment to listening to the videos and then looking at your business and implementing the changes needed to become a great employer. 

Want to ensure your business success goes in the right direction, then commit to this membership and reap the benefits. 

This course is designed for you to dip in and out of.  To get the best results from the course and all the resources available you will ideally need 60 minutes a week. If you commit the time and energy you will see a significant return on investment. The average cost of recruiting and filling a vacancy per Monster is £4,500.

You have access to the online membership for as long as you subscribe or pay the annual membership and you are welcome to download and implement all the resources and templates for use in your own business.

If you are not sure whether this course is for you then you can download the first unit on mindset and goal setting to give you a taster of what the course will be like.  Sign up here for access.

If you are on a subscription service then you just need to confirm you wish to cancel in writing, giving a month’s notice. 

As with any online product, you have the right to cancel your membership within 14 days of signing up (the cooling off period)

There will be a community group where you can pop into for additional support and to have a safe space. Additionally, over the month there will be live training sessions to add to your knowledge and skills.

There will also be a monthly accountability call to help you identify actions for the month to improve your teams and to develop yourself further. 

Still struggling then drop me a line and we can have a 20 minute zoom or teams call.

Well, if you are reading this, then the chances are you already need help or something is going wrong.  It often does us good to listen to a different perspective and get fresh tips.  If you are seeing issues already then nothing will change unless you act. I help you identify the issues and give you the confidence to act quickly and decisively to prevent problems from escalating.

You need someone who has experienced the journey of taking on diverse employees and suffered the pain points. Well, that’s me and I came out the other side knowing what works and what doesn’t.  Why not tap into that resource and learn how to grow a great team and business. 

If you want to gain the X factor for your business then this membership will support you all the way. suggests that “Learning itself is a skill — and developing it can be fundamental to growth.” And they also state “Leadership and management effectiveness are crucial to performance.”  This really gives a key message that as the leader of your business you need to develop your skills and knowledge in this area.

Why not take the step to turn yourself from an accidental leader into one who excels?

Chartered Management Institute has researched and shown that businesses that invest in management and leadership development programmes see on average a 23% increase in business performance and a 32% increase in people performance.

"Nicola has an insightful understanding of how workplaces work. From engagement within functional teams and meetings, to how management styles affect individuals and beyond. I've learnt much from Nicola through a series of engagements, all of which were delivered in a fun but knowledgeable and friendly way. Highly recommended!"
Richard Hardesty
WSP Commission Manager/Associate Director

With over 33 years of experience in leading and managing teams, including operational teams, I have taken that knowledge to give you support to make your life easier.

I use my Chartered Management Institute Level 7 Diploma covering strategic leadership and management to give you the latest information and knowledge. 

I bring to the membership my many experiences to share with you through virtual online videos,  training and templates to make your life smoother and calmer.   

The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.

Mark Caine

Create High Performing Teams
Watch Your Business Flourish

Time to take the first step and be in a structured and confident place to grow

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