High Performing Teams & Efficient Ways of Working



Have you noticed a lack of energy and engagement from your team lately?

Performance has dipped and sickness absence has increased?

 It doesn’t have to be this way.

 I can help you diagnose why this is happening and what you can do to fix it.

If you’d like an energised, high performing team who work together efficiently and confidently even when you’re not there – get in touch to find out how.

Package price is £2,400

This can be paid as a one-off payment or spread over 10 months.

The package price includes:

  • A review of your business and your needs– 1 day
  • A team-building day where we will put together a team charter to create the foundations for a high performing team.
  • Establishing a Behaviours Statement which will create and set standards for behaviour and conduct.
  • Identifying the core values of your small business and sharing these with your team to increase engagement and get everyone pulling in the same direction.
  • Working with the team draw up a list of roles and responsibilities, so everyone is clear on what they are doing.
  • A virtual bite-size bespoke training programme for managers (15 minutes a day to reinforce learning) spread over 4 months.
  • A skills matrix to help you keep track of people’s skills and strengths so they can be deployed where they’re most useful to the business, and a needs analysis to identify where skills are lacking, or extra training is needed.
  • Strengths training to help you learn how focusing on an employee’s strengths can empower them, motivate them, and improve their performance.
  • An overview of improving employee engagement through reward and recognition, and identifying opportunities to motivate your team.


I’ll be onsite for a minimum of 8 half-days, delivering bite-size learning sessions, a team-building day, and an initial comprehensive review of your business.


Masterclasses Available  These can be added as extras if required.