Masterclasses Available

Bite-Size Masterclasses start at £250 for half-a-day, with up to 12 Attendees.


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  • Up-levelling your leadership for managing successful teams
  • How to increase your influence at work
  • How to do change well in your business
  • How to manage a team to avoid grievances
  • How to manage a team for high productivity and happiness
  • How to Build Resilience in times of uncertainty
  • How to create a simple Employee Induction process
  • The Art of Delegation – do you what you do best, delegate the rest
  • How to succeed at difficult conversations
  • Thriving not Surviving – The Art of Resilience
  • Develop your Persuasion abilities

All Masterclasses include the workbooks and help cards.

Masterclasses can be adapted for your business needs.  Part of the ethos of the Masterclass is to create good working relationships and bring in some fun.  It has been shown that fun helps the learning embed.  Other Masterclasses can be developed.  Contact me to discuss your requirements.

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The Masterclasses are held at your premises.  If you would like the Masterclass outside of the normal work environment, I can organise the logistics of this for you but room fees and any catering costs will need to be picked up by your business.

Want to discuss running a masterclass for your business, then email to set up a discussion.  Masterclasses can be tailored to your business needs