Virtual Training: Having Difficult Conversations

Week 1

[mepr-show if=”rule: 6252″]Day 1

Read this blog here, covering 5 tips for introducing strengths-based working:[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule: 6256″]Day 2

Read Your Conditioned Mind and carry out the exercise within the document.

Download the file here [PDF].[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule: 6258″]Day 4

Read Conscious and Sub-Conscious thoughts as this will help you understand why understanding your strengths will only make you better.

Download the file here [PDF].[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule: 6259″]Day 5

Take time to read this short Focusing Exercise and spend some time thinking about, and noting, your thoughts.

Download the file here [PDF].[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule: 6268″]Week 2

Day 1

Confirm your strengths using the strengths questionnaire and the subsequent work we did in our face-to-face session

Download the questionnaire [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule: 6269″]Day 2

Proud moments exercise

Download the exercise [Presentation][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule: 6270″]Day 5

Reflections on your proud moments and what it means

Download the reflections document [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule: 6295″]Week 3

Day 1

A blog to read on unconscious bias: (link opens in new window)

Strengths questions to complete. What do I love doing? [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule: 6296″]Day 2

Here is a video to watch on unconscious bias: [/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule: 6297″]Day 4

Reminder of the Proud Moment exercise and how it can help you

Proud Moments [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule: 6298″]Day 5

Strength questions to complete.

What gives me a buzz [PDF], and
What never feels like hard work [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6304″]Week 4

Day 1

Building trust – please read the document and complete the exercise

Download the document [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6305″]Day 2

Here is a video to watch on Building Trust and Rebuilding Trust: [/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6306″]Day 3

Please read the Emotional Bank Balance and carry out the exercise

Emotional bank balance [PDF] [/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6307″]Day 4

A blog to read today, on building trust [/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6308″]Day 5

Time today to reflect on what was discussed in your face to face. [/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6335″]Week 5

Day 1

Please complete these three templates every day to answer the questions, Monday to Friday.

What did you do well? [PDF]
What did you enjoy? [PDF]
What gave you a buzz? [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6336″]Day 2

Please read this PowerPoint and consider the questions raised.

Download the PowerPoint presentation.[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6337″]Day 3

Please watch this video.

Watch the video now (on YouTube).[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6338″]Day 4

Continue with Day 1’s exercise.[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6339″]Day 5

Finish the week by completing the templates introduced on Day 1. [/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6356″]Week 6

Day 1

Please revisit the work you have completed up to now on understanding your strengths and then complete the attached.

What energises you? [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6357″]Day 2

Today take what you did yesterday which will highlight your top strengths even more and complete the attached template.

Compare the list [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6358″]Day 3

Today I would like you to think of all the potential scenarios that could cause difficulties in the workplace and complete the attached template.

Having identified scenarios there may be one or two we can discuss at our next catch up.  Please bring this with you.

Potential sources of difficulties [DOCX][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6359″]Day 4

Now I want you to think around those scenarios and consider the attached template.

Consequences of taking no action [DOCX][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6360″]Day 5

Please now complete the attached template.

2 Challenging situations [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6371″]Week 7

Day 1

A presentation on how to use insight gained.

Download the presentation [PPTX][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6372″]Day 2

Read this document about motivators [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6373″]Day 3

A video for you to watch and digest.

[mepr-show if=”rule:6374″]Day 4

An article for you to read. [/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6375″]Day 5

Please complete this motivation exercise.

Download the exercise [PDF] [/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6389″]Week 8

Day 1

Motivation Exercise – End of the week reflection [DOCX]

Motivation Detail – The Strengths Programme [PDF]


[mepr-show if=”rule:6390″]Day 2

Reflect what happens when your Strengths go into Overdrive [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6394″]Day 3

Please read this blog post:[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6395″]Day 4

Read this blog on empathy:[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6396″]Day 5

Think about a situation at work you would like to resolve and write down the background for our next session.

Also, watch of this video – [on YouTube][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6397″]Week 9

Day 1

As discussed to complete thinking about a person that you feel a conversation would help with.  Put yourself in their shoes and reflect.

Download the document [PDF] [/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6403″]Day 2

Understanding when you overdo your strengths [DOCX][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6404″]Day 3

Please read this: Why conflict can be difficult to solve [PDF][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6405″]Day 4

Please read this blog and think about how you could use it in your conversations –[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6406″]Day 5

Understanding your Strengths [PDF]

Overdoing Strengths reflection questionnaire [DOCX][/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6416″]Week 10

Day 1

Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations worksheet[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6417″]Day 2

Your first difficult conversation[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6418″]Day 3

Dealing with resistance[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6419″]Day 4


Action Plan, and where you’re heading[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6420″]Day 5

The stages of conflict[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6428″]Week 11

Day 1

Read this Strengths Challenge document, then complete the worksheet.[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6429″]Day 2

Complete this exercise on Weaknesses.[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6430″]Day 3

Complete this exercise on Attitudes when dealing with Challenging Situations.[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6431″]Day 4

Read and digest this blog post from the Harvard Business Review on Difficult Conversations.[/mepr-show]

[mepr-show if=”rule:6432″]Day 5

Watch this video on the Top 5 Difficult Conversation Mistakes – then complete the reflection document.[/mepr-show]