What is the Team Turnaround Package?

If you had team issues before Covid-19, the pandemic will certainly not have done you any favours. You probably had to manage a remote team for the first time, and maybe issues with trust and performance became 10 times worse.

Now that the world is slowly beginning to reopen again, you’re faced with the prospect of getting your team settled back in and working to help the business rebuild and recover; that’s if they actually want to come back.

I’ve spoken to a lot of managers recently who are having to deal with employees who don’t want to come back to work. Whether it’s because they’ve realised that there are real benefits to working remotely, they are dealing with the fallout from the pandemic, they have childcare problems, or they just don’t feel safe enough to come back, this poses a real problem for managers and business owners.

If your team was like a well-oiled machine before all of this happened and there is a strong culture of trust, good communication, and collaboration in your workplace, you should find that getting your team to come back to work and work hard for you is smoother sailing.

If however, the workplace was rife with conflict, poor performance, low morale, and apathy, you need help to turn things around.

This is where my Team Turnaround Package can help.

What is the Team Turnaround Package?

I developed the Team Turnaround package for business owners just like you who are pretty much at the end of their tether with team issues and having to firefight every day.

You’ve always got so much on your plate; wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to concentrate on doing the things that are going to help you grow your business, rather than wrestling with team issues every day?

Maybe you can see what the problem is, but where’s the time to fix it?

The Team Turnaround package could just be the answer to your prayers!

It’s a comprehensive package of support that will help you find the solutions you need to move teams and the business onwards and upwards.

How it works

I’ll come in and find out what the real issues are

What is blocking the business from success and profitability? What is causing low morale and persistent dissatisfaction in your teams? I’ll dig deep and get to the bottom of it. I know that workplace issues can be difficult and the situation is already tense, so I won’t point the finger, I’ll just tell you the facts.

I’ll tell you what you need to do to solve the problems

Whether there’s a need for training, a lack of understanding of roles and responsibilities, or something else, I’ll give you a clear plan of action for moving forward and building stronger teams and a healthier business.

I’ll help you put an action plan in place

I’ll help you implement the steps we’ve identified together, whether it’s team development, giving managers the skills and confidence to build better teams and deal with issues before they come to you, or another tailored intervention that’s been designed to give you your time and your sanity back.

Imagine finally having the time to spend on the tasks that are actually going to make a difference to your business; now you can!

I’ll evaluate the action plan and help you move forward

I won’t just give you the plan and go. I’ll evaluate the interventions we’ve put in place and produce a report that will set you off on a course to business profitability and success in the coming months and beyond.

Sounds good, how can I find out more?

It’s more important now than ever to deal with team issues that have been going on for far too long. You need your people pulling in the same direction if your business is going to not just survive but thrive after Covid-19.

Contact me about my Team Turnaround Package today.

Do you need help right getting your team back to work?

Aside from struggling with issues in your team, are you facing the prospect of them not even wanting to come back to work in the first place?

I mentioned at the beginning of the blog that some business owners are dealing with employees who don’t want to come back to work, are you struggling with this?

My 2-hour virtual workshop ‘Supporting the Reluctant Returners’ can give you all of the advice and guidance you need to get your team back into the workplace and working for you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to reassure employees and be the compassionate manager they need right now.
  • Why open and honest communication builds trust.
  • How to involve employees in back to work preparations so they can see that they’ll be safe.
  • How to negotiate a return to work…and much more!

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn everything you need to know about getting your team back to work and getting things up and running again.

My next available workshop is on 7th August. Book your place here

Building Your Team’s Resilience in Uncertain Times – 21 August.  Book here. 

Both workshops at a special discounted price can be booked here.

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