Why would you hire a Management consultant?

People often ask me why would you want to hire a consultant? It’s clear from their faces they can’t see the value and wonder what they will gain.

Well here are 5 reasons to hire a management consultant if you employ staff:

1. A fresh perspective – Often when you’re in the middle of your business and teams it’s difficult to see what’s going on objectively. It’s easy to see major issues but not underlying problems. As a consultant isn’t part of the employee team they can be honest in a non-confrontational manner and get the business the results it needs.

2. Developing Employees – A consultant will have particular skill sets that have taken years to build that they can use to develop your team. So, for instance, I often visit businesses where staff share they have lots of problems but feel no one is listening to them. A consultant would teach the Managers and Leaders and designated people the art of problem-solving which makes the employee feel involved. Who wouldn’t want to solve problems and engage employees at the same time?

3. Make Change happen – Businesses usually want to grow and develop but find it incredibly hard to identify changes and then make it happen. A consultant will have the tools and the process to help you identify growth areas and then take them forward. In doing this, again the consultant will equip you with tools and techniques so you can do it yourself going forward.

4. Cost Savings – Sometimes a particular job needs doing but it’s not going to be one that lasts forever and a day. Getting in a consultant to assist will be a temporary contract, with the relevant skills and no PAYE and NI and Pension to contribute to. They do their job and they leave. Additionally, a good Management consultant will help you increase your employee engagement and as a result productivity. This, in turn, increases growth and profits.


5. Analytical and data knowledge – A good consultant will always want to work with evidence to support any changes or decisions. As a professional consultant, they will probably have years of experience which have taught many lessons plus qualifications which cover proven methods. As a result, you know you are using an expert who will put you on the right track.

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So why wouldn’t you want to hire a consultant? Do tell me?

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