Making Difficult Conversations Easier

Better Conversations, Better Performance and
Team Relationships

Time to bite the bullet and create the business and teams you really want.

Are your managers reluctant to deal with problems within the team?


Do they lack the confidence to address serious issues within the team?


Is firefighting and intervening in ongoing internal drama and team conflicts seriously draining your time?


Concerns exist, but they are just not going away?


Can you see issues escalating and worry that you could potentially lose an employee or be walking into an unfair dismissal claim or an employment tribunal?


Have you noticed staff morale is low or that you don’t have the working culture you want?


Do you want managers who have the skills and the confidence to deal with disputes and concerns, and not just leave them to brew?

The “Making Difficult Conversations Easier” programme is all about creating managers that have the confidence to deal with problems, hold difficult conversations, and build engagement to create an open, honest, and enthusiastic workforce. 

Having a team that works well together and can overcome issues as they arise delivers the performance and profitability needed for a sustainable and growing business. It works to create an environment where people are open to change as well as being keen to develop and perform better within their roles.

You will gain:

What’s Involved?

The Programme consists of 10 weekly 2 hour virtual interactive sessions alongside bitesize reading and videos sent across the weeks to embed the learning.  Additionally I’m on hand through messaging and mentoring by telephone to discuss any difficult conversations and how to handle them over this period for those taking part. Having someone there to offload to and discuss different approaches can make a huge difference to the success of conversations. 

The programme includes:

Thinking of arranging for implementation of this programme, then just a few things to note…….

How much commitment is required?

It requires commitment for those taking part in the programme and from you as the Leader.

Firstly, the programme works best when you are open and upfront with your managers and explain that this is support and help to develop and give them the tools to hold those difficult conversations. 

And you need to reinforce your support and expectations.

It doesn’t work when participants turn up, saying they don’t know why they’ve been sent!

Unclear on how to discuss with your managers then I can support you in how to take this forward.

It also works well to check in with your managers throughout the programme and encourage them to start practising the techniques and using the tools. 

From personal experience, if the difficult conversation to be held is with a team as a whole, then if it is the manager’s first time, support from the Manager’s Manager by attending makes a manager feel less alone and creates a feeling of in it together. 

If you haven’t the time then I can support your manager with this but it will create an additional cost.

Those attending must be open to joining in the interactive sessions and understanding it is a safe space.

How much time is required for this training?

Time is required for your employees to attend all the 10 sessions lasting 2 hours and these are delivered virtually

Making sure your managers attend every session is crucial to get the best out of this programme and if there is an issue around attendance and timing then I am flexible and with discussion, we can agree a timetable that works for both parties.

Additionally bitesize training is delivered by email across the 8 weeks which will be equivalent of 10 to 15 minutes three times a week.  Usually a specifically picked blog or video or exercise to carry out. 

This will embed the learning if carried out.

I also provide additional support across the weeks for any managers wanting to discuss conversations they are planning to have or those that have happened and they want to review. 

This can be by telephone or by a messages function. 

This is usually within 48 hours of the initial request

Will this programme have guaranteed results?

This really depends on the input from your employees attending, their own accountability to fully immersing themselves in this experience and being open to changing their thinking.

And your commitment to supporting them back in the workplace. 

With those and the programme sessions the employee will have a safe place in the sessions to explore what is holding them back with difficult conversations and instil the ability to plan and use tools to get the best results and deal with situations.

It won’t work for those who are poor performers, which has been ongoing for many years. 

Fundamentally there needs to be some conversations and actions carried out in situations like these from their manager which can sit alongside the programme. 

Again struggling with this element, then happy to mentor those dealing with underperforming employees as a separate package.

Does the cost of the programme need paying up front?

The programme can be paid either in one full payment at start of booking or over 3 monthly instalments with the first payment due on booking.

And the next payment due at the start of the 4th weekly session.  

With the final payment due at the 8th weekly session

The total cost of the programme is £2,000.

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