How to make difficult conversations easier in the workplace

Nobody likes having difficult conversations, even experienced managers.

But these conversations have to take place because negativity and bad behaviour will continue without them, and this will inevitably impact profitability and workplace morale.

It can feel like a very lonely place as a manager and throw into the mix holding a difficult conversation and you can want to run for the hills.

The ‘How to Make Difficult Conversations Easier in the Workplace’ journal is a blueprint for preparing and having those difficult conversations.

It is a place where you can offload your thoughts and then come up with a clear plan of action for your discussions.

This journal is perfect for managers and leaders who want to make difficult conversations easier.

Through this journal, readers will learn the basics of communication and how to effectively handle uncomfortable conversations in the workplace in order to build positive relationships with colleagues and improve team performance.

By working through this journal, readers will acquire insights into their team members, understand how to manage their people better and manage emotions while having important conversations.

It helps to build healthier dialogues with others.

This journal provides valuable guidance on making difficult conversations easier in the workplace so that managers and leaders are empowered to build a successful team.