Additional Resources

We all need a helping hand now and then. 

My set of resources is there to assist you in your day to day leadership and team management.

Based on the many years of leading teams and projects, the free resources capture the lessons and practical tips gained from experience.

The Art of Delegation

Are you feeling under pressure?

Got a small team but they’re not supporting you in the right way?
Perhaps you’re muddling through without support?
Do you want to get your people to be able to instantly pick up tasks and support you?  
The Biggest Problems SMEs Face

The Biggest Problems SMEs Face

Many people dream of starting a business, but it’s important to be realistic about the challenges you’ll face. 

Challenges like hiring employees, managing your finances, and
building your brand can make self-employment seem like a steep learning curve.

The challenges  can be overcome by taking some key actions and following some sound advice and tips.

Leading Change The Tips They Don't Tell You

Leading Change - The Top Tips

There are some basics that you as leaders need to do when managing change.

These often get lost in the fast pace of your working life.

And can make a huge difference to the success of the change project.

Leading on a change has taught me I am caretaker of all the moving parts. And that it is crucial you inspire and make change happen.

Have you ever had those moments in work when you’ve wanted to pen an email and really struggled with it?

Or have you received an email and wondered what it was telling you?  I’ve received plenty of those so designed an eBook to get the message out there on what a good email looks like.

It’s like anything, if you leave your problems they only grow bigger. 

When difficult employees behave in a way that causes conflict, or other problems, it can damage workplace relationships, and it’s a drain on time, energy, and productivity, so your business will inevitably suffer. 

Mindset and Resilience Online Training

In this module containing videos, templates and a workbook, you’ll learn how to set your personal and business goals alongside developing the resilience you need. It includes:

The 10 Signs You Need to Employ Someone So You Can Scale and Grow Your Business

In this module containing videos and a workbook, you identify the 10 signs that mean you need to consider employing someone.  It includes:

Learn how to have difficult conversations without drama

Free Coaching Guide to Difficult Conversations


4 Easy steps to prepare for a difficult conversation

6 Tips for Success

These tips might just help make difficult conversations feel less like going to the dentist for a root canal!

Difficult Conversations: What NOT to Say

There’s no one ‘best way’ to deal with every difficult conversation that comes up, but there are some ways you definitely shouldn’t deal with them.. Get insights

And much more……………

Stop avoiding difficult conversations. Download our booklet for free today.

Conversations are a key part of life.

But sometimes they can be difficult, especially if we’re not sure what to do or say. That’s where this booklet comes in – it provides a blueprint for preparing and having those difficult conversations, and knowing what to do when things go wrong.

Follow the tips in this guide and you’ll feel confident, calm, and in control – no matter how tough the conversation might be.