Mastering Emotional Conversations Online Course

How to have difficult conversations without crying or getting angry at work

Constantly battling with emotions leads to increased levels of stress and anxiety

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"I needed to have a conversation with a freelancer I was working with. His work wasn't up to the standard and I had no idea how to deliver the news without causing friction or upset. The first person I turned to for help was Nicola. I knew that she had a wealth of experience and knowledge around dealing with difficult conversations-and I have to say, she is a 'people whisperer'! She helped me see the situation from a different perspective, and her calm and reassuring approach helped me take the emotion out of the situation. She told me how to approach the conversation and made me feel much more confident that I could get my message across in the way I needed to. "

You know you should be mastering your emotions at work... but you have no clue where to begin.

You feel overwhelmed by your emotions,

unable to control tears or anger during crucial conversations

You’re stuck in your career

with limited opportunities for advancement due to your emotional struggles

You’re straining your relationships at work,

leading to conflicts and breakdowns in communication

You battle negative self-image

as you struggle to manage emotions, feeling inadequate or like an imposter

You sometimes suffer from chronic stress and anxiety,

impacting your performance and well-being

You experience physical symptoms like headaches or fatigue

as a result of workplace emotional turmoil

You tend to withdraw from social interactions,

fearing emotional outbursts in front of others

You feel exhausted and cynical,

facing burnout due to ongoing emotional challenges

You struggle to make sound decisions

when your emotions are all over the place

Imagine managing your emotions at work without the stress and anxiety holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Tablet showing understanding emotions - attitude and behaviour model

You’re a seasoned professional aiming for a promotion.

You recognise the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership and are looking for a way to fine-tune your skills and position yourself as a strong and composed leader.

You’re running a small business. 

You understand the impact of your emotional reactions on your team and clients and want to learn practical strategies for handling tough conversations with confidence and grace.

You’re a team member who struggles with assertively expressing your opinions.

You want  to develop your communication skills and overcome your fear of confrontation

Here’s what you get:

On-Demand Training …..


Gain practical strategies and techniques to master difficult conversations without feeling overwhelmed or emotional.

Learn at your own pace and convenience, fitting the training into your busy schedule without disrupting your work or personal life.


A Facebook Community …..


Connect with other individuals on a similar journey to you forming a supportive and encouraging community.

Receive ongoing support and guidance ensuring you have the resources and encouragement you need to succeed.


 Collaborate and network with peers, expanding your professional circle and opening up new opportunities for growth and advancement.


A breakdown of what’s inside "The Managing Difficult Conversation Toolkit"

From understanding emotions to effective communication and constructive feedback, each module teaches you the skills and strategies to manage tough conversations confidently, paving the way for professional success and personal growth.

Module 1- Understanding Emotions in the Workplace

Gain a deep understanding of your emotions in the workplace. Learn how to recognise triggers and navigate challenging situations with confidence and clarity.

Module 3 - Giving and Receiving Feedback

Develop and improve your feedback skills to express your thoughts and feelings effectively while building trust and understanding with your colleagues and superiors.

Module 5 - Holding a Difficult Conversation

Discover ways to get ready and plan before having tough talks. This will help you feel sure, clear, and ready when you have these conversations.

Module 2 - Emotional Intelligence

You'll discover what emotional intelligence is all about. Learning this can help you get along better with others and do well in your job.

Module 4 - Managing Your Emotions

Learn how to control your emotions so you can stay calm, even in stressful situations at work. This will help you act more professionally and handle challenges better.

Making Difficult Conversations Easier

Mastering Emotional Conversations

A reminder of what you get:

Video Series (value £250) – It’s full of helpful tips andan  easy-to-use plan to handle tough talks without getting upset. You’ll feel more confident and professional dealing with work problems. 

A Facebook Community (value £200) –  You’ll find other people there who can help and cheer you on as you learn about managing emotions at work. Get the support and motivation you need to do well.



What Happens When You Join My Programme

Once you join the online course, here’s what happens next:

  • You’ll get immediate access to the online training videos and workbooks. Dive right in and start expanding your skills from day one!
  • You’ll also receive an exclusive invitation to the supportive community of other participants.  

With immediate access to training materials,  and a community by your side, you’ll have all the resources and encouragement you need to show you how to manage your emotions.

Why Me?

I’ve got over 33 years of real-life experience leading businesses, so I know  about how things work. I’ve spent a long time helping managers in big and small companies have tough talks.

I’ve also had to balance taking care of my family while working full-time and sometimes being on my own.

So, I get how hard it can be for you too.

I used to cry at work, but I learned how to control my emotions with time and research, which helped me move forward in my career.

Plus, I’m a member of the Chartered Management Institute, which means I’m always learning about the newest ideas and best ways to do things.

What will “Mastering Emotional Conversations” do for you?

Here’s what you can expect:

Enhance your ability to have challenging conversations effectively and advance your career through our expert-led online course.

Develop confidence and maintain composure while managing difficult discussions, creating a professional impression on your colleagues and superiors.

Experience reduced workplace stress and anxiety by gaining effective strategies for managing emotions during tough conversations, making a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Strengthen relationships with your team and colleagues by evolving your communication skills and learning to express yourself assertively and empathetically.

The People Mentor at her desk

Is this for you?

If you are looking to improve your communication skills as a leader, so you can effectively convey expectations, provide constructive feedback, and address sensitive topics with your team, then this programme will make the difference. 

You need this masterclass to regain control over your emotions during difficult conversations at work, ensuring you can lead your team effectively without succumbing to tears or anger.

You want to excel in your new role and need this course to learn how to manage your emotions professionally, avoiding emotional outbursts that could undermine your credibility.

Are you waking in the morning with a sense of dread that it is a work day? Is there that one person blighting your workday? Leaving your job isn’t an option. It needs a conversation, but it seems a momentous task to face. And you’re worrying about your emotions when holding the conversation? 

Are you struggling with a personal issue that is affecting your work performance? Many of us face personal challenges that spill over into our professional lives, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed by it all. You know you need to discuss it with your manager, but you are concerned you will break down.

Have you ever wanted to talk with your manager because you felt micro-managed and it was dragging you down?  You hesitate to approach them because you are worried about the backlash and controlling your emotions.

Do you have a business partner that you’re struggling to articulate your concerns to?  You feel taken for granted, and your conversation is undermined. This course will give you tools to support.  

Frequently Asked Questions

I often find myself getting emotional during difficult conversations at work. Will this course help me control my emotions?

The course is specifically designed to equip you with practical strategies and techniques to manage your emotions effectively, allowing you to navigate tough conversations with confidence and composure.

I'm worried that I'll still struggle with emotional outbursts even after taking the masterclass. How can I be sure it will work for me?

I understand your concerns, but rest assured, our course has helped individuals like you gain control over their emotions and improve their workplace interactions. With dedication and practice, you’ll be amazed at the progress you can make.

Will this course help me improve my relationships with my colleagues and superiors?

This course develops  your emotional intelligence and communication skills through the exercises you carry out. You’ll be better equipped to build stronger, more positive relationships with everyone in your professional life, from colleagues to managers and clients.

What if I have questions or need support along the way?

We’re here for you every step of the way! Whether you have questions about the masterclass content or need a pep talk to keep you motivated, you’ll have access to our thriving Facebook community, where you can connect with fellow learners and share experiences and insights.

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