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Are you looking to improve relationships with your colleagues, team members or employees?

Empowering you and your team to tackle those tough conversations head-on creates a positive work environment.

Confident Leadership

Happy, productive teams.

Business success.

Are you tired of feeling powerless during challenging discussions in the workplace?

It’s time to take control and master the art of communication…..

  • While some may think that empathy and compassion have no place in the professional world, I’m here to tell you that the opposite is true.
  • With years of experience dealing with difficult people and behaviours, I know that people can be complex. 
  • With the right approach, you can become a skilled communicator who can articulate problems as they come up, and manage your emotions, all without causing conflict

You will develop more confidence and authority, and stop feeling anxious at the thought of having difficult conversations.

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Online Course

Mastering Emotional Conversations

A self-study online course to learn how managing your emotions in difficult conversations is important and will reduce your anxiety and stress.

Inside this online course, you’ll discover:

Online Course

Making Difficult Conversations Easier

Self-study online course taking you through a journey to understand yourself better and the people you work with.

Inside this on-demand course, you’ll discover:

3-Session Coaching

Conversations Catalyst

We get together on Zoom for 3 sessions where you:

Bespoke Workshops

Difficult Conversations Training

Individually designed online and face-to-face workshops for Employers to help their employees develop skills in difficult conversations.

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"Without hesitation, I would recommend Nicola's services to anyone. She has been instrumental in creating a powerful team and an environment in which they enjoy coming to work each day."

The People Mentor combines over 30 years of leadership experience in small and large businesses with an empathetic and people-centred approach to get you results. 

Contact Nicola today for the support, know-how, and tools you need to lead more confidently, build happy, productive teams, and achieve that all-important business success.

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