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Leadership and management training for SMEs and first time employers

Confident leadership.

Happy, productive teams.

Business success.

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A business running like clockwork.

Managers making good decisions without constantly being at your door.

Teams that get on with the job.

Smooth collaboration across teams.

Problems are quickly resolved, even when you’re not there.

Teams and managers who are innovative, and work hard to grow the business.

Solutions Offered

Team Turnaround Package

Leadership & Management Mentoring

Making Difficult Conversations Easier Package

Success With Employees Membership

"Without hesitation, I would recommend Nicola's services to anyone. She has been instrumental in creating a powerful team and an environment in which they enjoy coming to work each day."

Clint Johnson, Founder (Control Freaks Ltd)

The People Mentor combines over 30 years of leadership experience in small and large businesses with an empathetic and people-centred approach to get you results. 

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