The People Mentor – re-energising people and improving the processes for peak business performance

In a small to medium size business every person counts.

Every employee has a vital role to play in business performance, in the customer experience and in how the team work successfully together.

Everyone and everything needs to be pulling in the same direction.

But how can you be sure it all is?

When you’re so busy working in the business, getting the job done, how do you find the time and expertise to work on the business and upskill the people within it?

How do you make sure your people are energised and committed, and processes are optimised to improve performance?

And how do you meet your obligations to minimise risk to the business and the people within it?

You’ve probably got a list of “I need to get round to these” but you’re not sure how you’ll get round to it. In fact, you’re putting it off as you don’t know where to start or simply haven’t got the time.

Here’s where I can help.

As The People Mentor I work with you on your business, getting the best out of people, process and performance.

Whether that’s help with basic legal obligations such as HR contracts and policies to protect your employees and your business. Or implementing the Health and Safety basics – I can help you get those in place, quickly and simply.

If you’re looking to grow, we look at how things are working now and where you want to get to.  I’m a qualified management consultant yet I’m very straight forward to work with. I won’t baffle your team with jargon, I’ll work with you and the team with honesty and direct kindness to find the best way forward.

Whether that’s process improvement, supporting and mentoring staff, or delivering training masterclasses I have a suite of solutions to suit your business.

You’ll get a clear action plan to help you up-skill people, improve process and performance and the you’ll have the support to get it done.

Call or email for a free no obligation chat today.

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