The 10 Commandments of Difficult Conversations That You Need to Get Results

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Are you finding difficult conversations at work… well, difficult?

 Is the tension getting the better of you?

Are those crucial conversations turning into awkward silences or full-blown arguments?


Introducing the **10 Commandments of Difficult Conversations** masterclass, a FREE masterclass designed to equip you with the confidence and strategies to navigate those tough discussions like a pro.

Why the 10 Commandments of Difficult Conversations?

Every workplace has its challenges, and often, they’re rooted in communication issues.

As a manager, having difficult conversations is a non-negotiable part of the job.

Whether it’s about poor performance, conflicts between team members, or even layoffs, addressing these issues effectively is crucial.

Yet, without the right tools and strategies, these discussions can be uncomfortable and unproductive.

With the right preparation, mindset, and communication techniques, these conversations can turn from being a point of dread to an opportunity for growth.

With the **10 Commandments of Difficult Conversations** free masterclass, you’ll learn to:

Prepare effectively for difficult conversations

Stay focused on the issue, not the person

Handle emotions (yours and theirs) with sensitivity

Listen actively and empathetically

Communicate clearly and assertively

Navigate disagreements professionally

Follow up on conversations constructively

Ensure the conversation leads to action

Reflect on your conversation techniques

Continually enhance your conversation skills

What Can You Expect from This Free Masterclass?

Here’s what you’ll get:

 Engaging Video Content:

Our masterclasses are a mix of visuals, real-world scenarios, and practical strategies that resonate with your challenges

 Interactive Quiz:

Check your key strength areas and those that need more work in difficult conversations and get immediate feedback through an interactive quiz.

Downloadable Resources:

Checklists, templates, and guides that you can use in your workplace.

Ready to Master Difficult Conversations?

Join the successful leaders who’ve transformed their communication skills with the **10 Commandments of Difficult Conversations** free masterclass.

Leave behind the anxiety and uncertainty associated with difficult conversations, and embrace a confident, empathetic, and effective approach.

Fill in the form below to enrol in this free masterclass now.

Your journey towards better, more productive conversations begins today.

Helping you become the fearless leader your team needs!

I recently attended a course with The People Mentor I found the course informative, fun and very interactive. I came away with some great ideas that I have been able to implement into my work and personal life. .
Vicky Broughton
Travel Counsellor
I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for the training you delivered online. I have not been very long in my manager’s role and feel that course gave me some things I did not know and answered some of my questions I had coming through my working routine.
Gabriela Cruz
Legal Coordinator
Nicola is an excellent facilitator and trainer. She has worked alongside #YesSheCan numerous times and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to support my business contacts. She is insightful and thoughtful in her approach but also a realistic with a great sense of humour which helps when discussing difficult topics.
Sophie Turner
Leadership Coach
What I love about Nicola is her willingness to share her expertise in ways that I could immediately relate to, and that I have been able to use in my research. Nicola is not afraid to tackle some of the topics that many trainers shy away from, and she does this with humility and integrity..
Maaureen Callaghan
University of Lincoln logo Researcher PHD Student