The Manager’s Academy

3 Months, that's all it takes!

What if I told you that, you’d be;

✅ Keeping your best employees?

✅ Leading your team with confidence?

✅ Growing your business with a high-performing team behind you?

The Manager’s Academy is for small employers like you who are overwhelmed with the logistics of managing a team (alongside running and growing your business).

You want;

  •  Your health is suffering because you don’t have time to look after yourself properly
  • You want your staff to be able to make decisions without you (so you don’t need to micromanage every single thing)
  • You have big ambitions for your business, and you want your employees who use their initiative and drive (but you don’t know how to let go and trust they’ll do things the right way).

Are you ready to rapidly elevate your management and leadership skills?

Doors are now open Sign up now and get access Payment is £30 per month or £300 one off payment for the year.

Managing a remote team

Taking a more involved approach to employee mental health.

Wondering how you’ll prevent your team from being affected by the ‘great resignation’

Now is the perfect time to put things on a more solid footing.

To build a team on firm foundations so that you can be confident they’re doing their job properly

✅ To learn how to keep your best people and get the best out of them.

✅ To get your time back so you can focus on growing and developing the business.

What’s Inside The Managers Academy

Your 3-month roadmap to success

Enrol in The Manager’s Academy and discover the key ingredients to building and growing your business with the right team. 

Month 1 will cover;
Setting Your direction and standards

  • Discover how to create a mission and vision to provide direction, align employees around common goals, and differentiate your organisation from your competition. 
  • Learn how to establish roles, behaviours and responsibilities to define expectations, build a positive work environment, and attract (and keep) employees who share your values.
  • Develop strong communication skills to improve collaboration, build trust and transparency in your teams.
  • Learn how to build trust between you and your team so that they feel valued and empowered to make decisions on behalf of the business.
  • Build a strong and sustainable business with a powerful culture that attracts talented people, retains your best employees, and improves employee engagement.

Month 2 will cover; Getting your team working effectively

  • Learn how to delegate tasks to help distribute workload, develop your team’s skills, build trust, and increase job satisfaction.
  • How to develop training programs to make sure your team members have the knowledge and skills needed to perform their jobs effectively
  • Create an induction process so new team members feel welcomed and supported, and quickly learn the ins and outs of their new role. 
  • Discover how to motivate and manage your team so that they feel like they’re working in a  positive and productive environment.

Month 3 will cover; Developing your team further

  • Discover how to run effective performance reviews to identify areas where team members are excelling and where they may need additional support (so you can create development plans that drive business growth).
  • Learn how to handle conflict better so you address issues head-on leading to stronger relationships and increased productivity.
  • Ensure your team members are working to their strengths, as well as being able to support each other, ultimately creating a stronger and more robust business. 
  • Teach your team members how to see things more strategically, identify sales opportunities and feel motivated towards the common goal of the business. 

When you join The Manager’s Academy you get 

A 12-month membership that includes a robust training program with monthly training sessions and surgeries.

This includes:

Access to a monthly surgery hour via Zoom to discuss team issues, with dates and links sent in advance to allow for planning.

A monthly interactive training masterclass that delves deeply into the issues you are facing such as dealing with aggressive team members, building trust, empathy, the key motivators for performance and more

A 12-week initial online learning programme, consisting of bitesize videos, workbooks, quizzes, templates, and checklists, provides invaluable knowledge and skills.. 

Joining an online community of your peers that offers a safe space for support, where members can also pop in between calls to ask questions and seek advice.

 In The Managers Academy, you'll develop essential leadership skills, increase team productivity, and build a positive company culture

"Nicola has an insightful understanding of how workplaces work. From engagement within functional teams and meetings, to how management styles affect individuals and beyond. I've learnt much from Nicola through a series of engagements, all of which were delivered in a fun but knowledgeable and friendly way. Highly recommended! "
Richard Hardesty
WSP Commission Manager

What is the investment?

Your 3-month roadmap to better management, building a great team, and growing your business starts here.

The price of fast results and feeling great about your leadership approach is just £30 per month for 12 months or £300 up front for the year

You can’t put a price on the feeling you’ll get when;

What is the cost of…

Replacing a great employee?- * Some studies say that a salaried employee costs 6-9  months’ wages to replace. Yes, really.

Underperformance – which can be fixed when you know what to do (but if left to fester can cause long-term damage to the business). 

Having staff who don’t take the initiative – lost opportunities, lost sales, and problems escalate beyond your control

Instead of asking what’s the cost of you joining “The Manager’s Academy”, ask what’s the cost of not joining.


Are You A Good Fit For The Manager’s Academy?

If your business currently has 

High staff turnover

Underperforming staff

Good employees leaving and bad ones staying

this membership will help you identify your best performers and keep them in the business.

It will give you the ability to handle what’s thrown at your business and you, whatever it is.

What will this give me that I don’t already have?

The Manager’s Academy will give you confidence, support, and a safe community to talk about and share common issues with peers who ‘get it’. 

Being a part of this membership means you don’t have to bring in an expensive external HR organisation, and you reduce your chances of an unhappy staff member taking you to a tribunal.

Why me?

With over 33 years of experience in leading and managing teams, including operational teams, I have taken that knowledge to give you the support to make your life easier.

I use my Chartered Management Institute Level 7 Diploma covering strategic leadership and management to give you the latest information and knowledge.

I bring to the membership my many experiences to share with you through virtual online videos,  training and templates to make your life smoother and calmer.  

There are no issues that I haven’t come across or dealt with, so the chances are that anything that comes up if it’s new for you, I’ll be able to help you resolve it. 

And more importantly, I still remember my experiences as a new manager and I know how important support is.  Yet you usually find in the workplace few people with the time you need to listen and support you.  That’s where I come in.

"I had the opportunity to participate in the" Managing a Virtual Team" session presented by Nicola. Nicola provided us with an enriching online course during the Covid-19 pandemic, In order to help people to adapt their new routine working from home, which right away was a very generous atitude of her. The content of the webinar and the material she had shared with us was very usefull and her leading of the programme was striking.
Gabriela Cruz
Legal Coordinator