Making Difficult Conversations Easier Programme

Making Difficult Conversations Easier

Manage conflict and difficult emotions with ease

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Handling conflict and managing difficult emotions during conversations can be overwhelming

It can lead to tense work relationships and a lack of team cohesion. ​

If you lack confidence when it comes to addressing sensitive topics during conversations with your employees, you might find that:

It leads to avoidance and unresolved issues

negatively impacting team dynamics and overall productivity

You struggle to effectively communicate expectations

and provide constructive feedback, resulting in misunderstandings and a decrease in productivity.

You feel overwhelmed, unprepared

and unsure of how to proceed with difficult conversations

Addressing performance issues and areas for improvement can be daunting

especially when there is a fear of negative reactions or resistance from employees.

The struggle of knowing how to approach and initiate difficult conversations

can so easily lead to procrastination and delayed resolution of issues.

It's common to feel overwhelmed and lose control during emotionally charged conversations

This can put you off having the conversation which leaves issues getting worse.

Knowing how to balance assertiveness with empathy is crucial

when addressing sensitive topics and can feel so daunting to get right.

Feeling unable to establish a safe and supportive environment

for open and honest dialogue with employees, hindering trust and effective communication.

Lack of knowledge on how to provide effective feedback

and coach employees towards improvement, limiting professional growth and development.

When you learn how to approach challenging conversations with confidence and clarity…

You build stronger and more productive relationships with your team, leading to increased trust and collaboration.

With this level of trust in place, you’ll find that you:

Experience a new level of confidence

in addressing sensitive topics and having difficult conversations with your employees

Effectively communicate expectations

 and provide constructive feedback resulting in improved performance and growth for your employees

Manage conflict and difficult emotions with ease

fostering a positive and harmonious work environment

Proactively address performance issues

and areas for improvement leading to higher productivity and professional development

Maintain control and composure

during emotionally charged conversations, facilitating productive discussions and problem-solving

Establish a safe and supportive environment

for open and honest dialogue, fostering trust and building stronger connections within your team

Master the art of providing effective feedback and coaching

empowering your employees to reach their full potential

Enjoy a more fulfilling and successful leadership journey

making a lasting impact on your team and driving overall business success.


Making Difficult Conversations Easier

"Helping leaders create better relationships with their team"

A programme giving you practical support to learn and implements strategies for having better conversations….

Develop a holistic approach to navigating challenging conversations effectively.

You’ll get access to proven techniques, strategies and tools that have been developed over decades of people management.

Learn practical techniques, strategies and actionable skills you can immediately apply in real-life situations

You don’t just get the theory, you spend a year immersed in what you’re learning by spending time with me in the Facebook community gaining practical tips.

Benefit from my expertise with over 30 years of deep understanding of leadership and management.

Get insights from thought leaders, interactive exercises, and ongoing support to help you enhance your conversation skills and become a more effective leader.

Join an interactive community of leaders who are on a similar journey.

Connect, share insights, and seek support in the Facebook community. The power of a supportive network enhances your learning experience and provides ongoing encouragement and guidance.

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence to help you build better relationships and achieve greater success in your role

Emotional intelligence in difficult conversations is important. During the next few months, you’ll develop self-awareness, manage emotions effectively, and navigate the emotions of others with sensitivity.

Create a more productive and fulfilling work environment for yourself and your team

By mastering difficult conversations, you’ll see improved team dynamics, better employee performance, and you’ll have a lasting impact as a leader.

Here’s what you get:

You join a fully immersive experience where you get access to the tools you need to learn how to navigate challenging conversations effectively while having the opportunity to apply and practice what you learn.

The Managing Difficult Conversation Toolkit

4 comprehensive modules of training delivered in bite-sized on-demand learning that you can access on your timetable. Fit it in around your other responsibilities.

Downloadable workbook and templates

Reinforce your understanding, capture key insights, and embed your new skills and knowledge. 


A year of an online supportive community

The Facebook community includes additional insights and opportunities to ask questions and get real-time feedback.

If difficult conversations are coming up and you’re not sure how to handle them, share what’s going on with me and I’ll give you practical advice on what to do. 

Connect with other leaders who are on the same journey, and who get what you’re going through. Connect and get (and give) support with a community of peers. 

A breakdown of what’s inside "The Managing Difficult Conversation Toolkit"

This is a comprehensive toolkit that teaches you the essential skills, strategies, and psychological insights to confidently handle challenging discussions.

Module 1- Understanding Yourself and Your Team

Do a deep dive into understanding yourself and your team. Learn the insights and empathy needed to navigate difficult conversations with finesse. These skills will help you create stronger working relationships, and improve your collaboration skills.

Module 2 - How to hold a challenging conversation

Master the art of holding difficult conversations. Learn a proven structure, effective planning techniques, and a model to use. Become more confident when engaging in difficult conversations. Develop the ability to review and learn from each interaction, leading to continuous growth and improvement.

Module 3 - Looking at Potential Discussions You Will Have With Your Team

Gain invaluable insights and strategies for handling various scenarios, such as: providing feedback conducting performance appraisals, managing conflicts between team members.

Module 4 - Managing Emotions

You’ll learn strategies to effectively manage your emotions during challenging conversations. Develop greater self-awareness, empathy, and emotional intelligence. By understanding the psychology of emotions and implementing practical techniques, you will experience increased emotional regulation, improved communication, and improved relationships with your team.



The 10 Commandments to Difficult Conversations

(Worth £25)

Simple strategies to follow when things get awkward

These 10 commandments will effectively prepare you for difficult conversations, enabling you to enter discussions with confidence and a clear plan.


How to Make Difficult Conversations Easier in the Workplace: A Journal for Managers and Leaders 

(worth £14.99)

This journal is perfect for managers and leaders who want to make difficult conversations easier.

Learn the basics of communication and how to effectively handle uncomfortable conversations in the workplace in order to build positive relationships with colleagues and improve team performance.

This journal provides valuable guidance on making difficult conversations easier in the workplace so that managers and leaders are empowered to build a successful team. and sits alongside the course.

Making Difficult Conversations Easier

A reminder of what you get:

The Managing Difficult Conversation Toolkit (value £300) –  on-demand videos that teach you the essential skills, strategies, and psychological insights to confidently handle challenging discussions

Facebook community (value £250) –  Online support including Facebook lives and videos.  Plus a safe place where you can share and resolve your issues around difficult conversations so you feel in control



“Hurry, take advantage of my offer and secure your spot. Join now to access my comprehensive support and valuable resources that will empower you on your journey towards mastering difficult conversations.”

What Happens When You Join My Programme

Once you join the programme, you’re in for an exciting journey of growth and transformation. 

Here’s what happens next:

  • You’ll get immediate access to the online training videos and workbooks. Dive right in and start expanding your skills from day one!
  • You’ll also receive an exclusive invitation to the supportive community of like-minded leaders. Connect with fellow participants, share experiences, and engage in meaningful discussions.  Bring your difficult conversations and problems to the community for insights and support. 

With immediate access to training materials, ongoing support , and a community by your side, you’ll have all the resources and encouragement you need to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Why Me?

Drawing upon my extensive experience and expertise drawn from over 33 years in business leadership, I am here to guide and support you in your journey towards enhancing both your team and yourself.

As your mentor, my approach is one of kindness and encouragement, aimed at encouraging your growth.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of compassionately mentoring managers in small and large organisations.

I bring a unique perspective grounded in my childhood spent working in a family business,.

My goal is to give you the tools so you don’t shy away from the challenging conversations. This will enable you to get the best team results and enhance your career.

Through my Chartered Management Institute membership and up-to-date qualifications, I can provide you with access to the latest research and knowledge, enabling you to take your difficult conversations to a new more successful level.

What the "Making Difficult Conversations Easier" programme will do for you

The programme will unlock your potential as a leader and master difficult conversations, empowering you to build stronger relationships, boost productivity, and drive exceptional results.


Gaining the confidence to address sensitive topics head-on, holding open and honest dialogue that leads to resolution and growth.

Developing effective communication skills to articulate expectations and provide constructive feedback, creating understanding and alignment among your team.

Learning to navigate conflicts with professionalism and emotional intelligence, cultivating a harmonious work environment and strengthening team cohesion.


Is this for you?

If you are looking to improve your communication skills as a leader, so you can effectively convey expectations, provide constructive feedback, and address sensitive topics with your team, then this programme will make the difference. 

Want to gain confidence in handling difficult conversations, empowering you to approach challenging situations with assertiveness and control, leading to more productive and impactful discussions, then this is for you. 

Need to address issues and miscommunications promptly, creating a more harmonious work environment and increasing the productivity and efficiency of your team, then this will enhance your skills. 

If you are a new or accidental leader, you can use the programme to enhance your leadership abilities, particularly in navigating difficult conversations, managing conflicts, motivating your team, and creating a positive and supportive work culture.

You will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to navigate leadership life. In applying these techniques, you will facilitate the growth and development of your team members, leading to greater job satisfaction and career advancement opportunities for both you and them.

If you are struggling with sensitive topics such as performance issues, conflicts, or difficult feedback then this programme will enable you to handle conversations with empathy, sensitivity, and professionalism.


If you want to experience personal growth in your leadership journey. Through the programme, you will gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour, improve your emotional intelligence, and develop a versatile skill set that will benefit you professionally and personally.

Why Now ?

Are you tired of avoiding difficult conversations and letting unresolved issues simmer within your team?

 It’s time to take action and invest in your growth as a leader. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your leadership style and create a more productive and harmonious work environment. 

By not taking action today and enrolling in the Making Difficult Conversations Programme, you risk:

  1. Missing out on the impact you could have as a confident and skilled communicator, adept at handling challenging topics and sensitive issues. 
  2. Without the necessary skills to navigate difficult conversations, conflicts within your team can intensify, leading to a toxic work environment and decreased productivity.
  3. If you don’t proactively address performance issues and provide constructive feedback, you risk hindering the professional growth of your team members.
  4. If you don’t take action now you leave yourself open to falling behind as the world of work is constantly evolving, and effective communication skills are more important than ever, especially in remote and hybrid work environments.
  5. Without the ability to handle difficult conversations, you risk straining relationships with your team members and missing out on the opportunity to create a cohesive and high-performing team.

Now is the time to take action and invest in your growth as a leader. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm fairly new to leading and managing. Will this programme be suitable for someone like me?

The Making Difficult Conversations Programme is designed specifically for leaders like you who want to enhance their communication skills. You’ll learn practical strategies and techniques that can be applied to real-life workplace scenarios, regardless of your level of experience.

I often feel overwhelmed and unprepared when faced with challenging conversations. Will this programme help me feel more prepared?

My programme is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and strategies to handle difficult conversations effectively. You’ll learn how to plan, structure, and review conversations, giving you a clear roadmap to follow and increasing your confidence in approaching challenging situations.

I often struggle with confidence when it comes to addressing sensitive topics. Can this programme help me gain more confidence?

The programme is designed to empower you with the necessary skills and techniques to handle difficult conversations with confidence and control. You’ll learn how to navigate sensitive issues effectively, allowing you to approach conversations with a newfound sense of self-assurance.

How can this programme help me balance assertiveness with empathy during difficult conversations?

The Making Difficult Conversations Programme provides you with insights and techniques to strike the right balance between assertiveness and empathy. You’ll learn how to communicate clearly and assertively while considering the emotions and perspectives of others, developing a more constructive and collaborative dialogue.

I'm worried about potential conflicts and negative reactions from my team. Can this programme help me manage these situations better?

The Making Difficult Conversations Programme provides you with the tools and strategies to manage conflicts and difficult emotions during conversations. You’ll learn how to create a safe and supportive environment for open dialogue, creating positive outcomes and stronger team relationships.

I find it challenging to follow up on conversations and ensure they lead to action. Can this programme help me in this area?

Follow-up is crucial in driving meaningful change. The programme will provide you with guidance on how to ensure conversations lead to actionable outcomes. You’ll learn strategies to keep conversations productive and set a clear path for implementation and growth.

Is ongoing support available after completing the programme?

As part of the programme, ongoing support is available in the community for a year. You’ll regularly receive updates and the latest news to keep you in the loop. Additionally, you can reach out to my support team for any questions or assistance even after completing the programme.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the video content of the programme?

I understand that time is valuable, which is why my video content is designed to be convenient and easily digestible. Each video is bite-size, typically ranging from 10 to 15 minutes. You can watch them during your lunch break, while taking a short break, or whenever you have a little free time. I’ve designed the programme to seamlessly fit into your schedule while providing you with valuable insights and techniques.

What support will I receive if I am struggling with the programme?

I am here to support you every step of the way. As part of the programme, you will have access to a supportive community. Connect with fellow participants, share your challenges, and gain guidance from me.  In the community, you can ask questions and receive personalised support. And don’t forget, you can always reach out to me via email. Your success is my priority, and I am committed to ensuring you have the support you need to excel.

What if the timing isn't right for me to join the programme?

 I understand that everyone has different schedules and commitments. However, it’s important to consider the impact of not taking action. If you continue to postpone addressing difficult conversations and improving your communication skills, the same challenges and frustrations will persist. 

By joining the programme, you are making a commitment to your personal and professional growth. My flexible course structure allows you to learn at your own pace across the year. Remember, change starts with taking that first step. Don’t let the fear of timing hold you back from achieving your goals and transforming your leadership abilities.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your conversations!

Only £99 and includes a community space