How To Create A Sense of Belonging in the Workplace

A sense of belonging is a fundamental human need, and in order to create a harmonious and productive workplace where employees want to be, leaders need to work on creating a sense of belonging at work.   Here’s how to create a sense of belonging in the workplace.   Work on breaking down barriers   You can’t expect to … Read more

How to Understand Your Team’s Strengths  

  It stands to reason that employees will be more motivated and engaged if their job role and work tasks are aligned with their own unique strengths, and this can only be positive for businesses. Many leaders fail to focus on and understand their team members’ strengths, and they are missing out.  Here’s how to … Read more

Communication Is The Key To Managing Your Estate Agency Remotely

The pandemic forced many businesses to adapt to remote working and estate agents are no exception. But as an estate agency manager, how do you keep everyone motivated and keep the business running like clockwork?  The key to success is good communication with your team (whether they are still working remotely or some employees have returned to the office) and with … Read more

New Year, Time to Get Your Team Revitalised

2020 has been a funny old year, full of ups and downs.  A lot more businesses moved to remote working which seemed a whole new ball game. The start of 2021 is an opportunity to refresh and reinvigorate your teams and you. The first thing to note is that new goals and new plans often … Read more