How Understanding Motivation and Happiness Can Help Your Career and Your Team

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Motivation is a complex topic that has been studied extensively in the fields of psychology and management. Motivation refers to the factors that drive people to act in a certain way or to achieve certain goals. There are different types of motivators, including hygiene factors, intrinsic motivation, and extrinsic motivation. In this blog, we will … Read more

Why having an Employee Handbook helps your Business

Taking on employees can be an exciting next step for your business, but it can also be very daunting. Even though the prospect of building a team who’ll help you grow your business is something you’re looking forward to, the thought of making sure you have all of the necessary policies, documents, and growth structure … Read more

How to Delegate Without Fear – 7 Easy Steps

If you had one wish as an employer, what would it be? To have one day, or even an hour, where you don’t have to tell your employees what to do or how to do it? Some days, you feel more like a babysitter than a boss. Meanwhile, your to-do list is growing and it’s … Read more