How to Build a Powerful Culture in Your SME Business

Hi, I’m Nicola from The People Mentor.  Today I want to talk about building a powerful culture and how it is key to the success of any SME business.  A strong company culture can help you attract and retain talented employees, improve productivity and efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive business growth. Let’s look … Read more

How to bring Calm to Chaos in Uncertain Times  

Hi, I’m Nicola from The People Mentor.   In this podcast, I want to talk about how to maintain calm, morale, and confidence amid chaos and uncertainty.  Most leaders are no strangers to chaos and uncertainty, though, in the last year or so, we’ve faced uncertainty on a scale never seen before. Alongside our usual stresses … Read more

The Consequences of Neglecting Health and Safety in Your Business  

The moment you take on employees, you don’t just have yourself to think about anymore. Employing someone means that you automatically have a duty of care towards them, to make sure they are safe at work and that they’re being treated fairly.   Even if you know all of this, do you know where to start? … Read more

How to Build Trust and Credibility with Your Team for High-Performing

Have you ever worked for a leader you didn’t trust? Maybe they used their position to further their own goals to the detriment of the team or failed to communicate essential information so you felt kept in the dark and out of the loop.   This can feel very isolating and frustrating, and it can result … Read more

Five Ways to Handle Workplace Conflict

Teams are usually made up of very different people, with different personalities, preferences, and ways of doing things. Put all of these people together in one place, day in, day out, and conflict is inevitable. Your job as a business owner is to know how to deal with conflict when it arises, and to deal … Read more