How to Develop Your Confidence as a Manager of People

Hi, I’m Nicola from The People Mentor. Today, I want to discuss developing your confidence as a people manager.  So, what is confidence? At its core, it’s about believing in your abilities and accepting and trusting yourself.  Being confident doesn’t mean you know everything or do everything perfectly.  But it does mean that you understand … Read more

How Understanding Your Leadership Style Makes You More Effective 

Are you sitting comfortably? Welcome to my series of podcasts, which will help you navigate the inevitable difficult events at work that are part of being a manager. Today, I want to talk about how understanding your leadership style makes you more effective.  Think about the leaders you know and their approaches to leadership. The … Read more

Why Invest in Training and Development for Your Estate Agent Team?

Hi, I’m Nicola from The People Mentor and today I want to talk about why you should invest in training and development for your estate agent team.  Estate agents today have to survive in a very competitive marketplace. Online estate agents are going in cheap, and there’s a lot of noise going on with competing … Read more

How to Have a Successful Productive Conversation with a Neurodiverse Employee

Hi, I’m Nicola from The People Mentor, and in today’s podcast, I want to talk about how to have a successful productive conversation with a neurodiverse employee.  Now businesses have always faced challenges, but in the last few years in particular, many have transformed out of necessity. How do they change and grow for the … Read more