How to Build Trust and Credibility with Your Team for High-Performing

Have you ever worked for a leader you didn’t trust? Maybe they used their position to further their own goals to the detriment of the team or failed to communicate essential information so you felt kept in the dark and out of the loop.   This can feel very isolating and frustrating, and it can result … Read more

Are You Afraid of Hiring Your First Employee in your office-based business?

Your business is growing and you have far more work than you can handle on your own. You’ve considered countless times whether you need to hire someone. So what’s stopping you? Is it all of the additional responsibility-the paperwork, the insurance, the legal obligations? Or is it the time it will take to teach someone … Read more

Why Using DISC Can Make a Difference to Your Small Office-Based Team

Do you dream of having an upskilled, motivated, engaged, and a resilient team that pulls together to achieve business goals? Do you want to be able to spend less time firefighting and more time doing the tasks that are really going to help make the business more profitable? Does this dream feel pretty far off … Read more

10 Communication Tips to Help You Engage in Your Office-Based Business

It is estimated that poor communication and collaboration tools cost businesses over £7,500 per employee per year. (Per Computer Weekly) Communication can be defined as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behaviour (source ) It is so easy to make a hash of communication … Read more

How to Make Hybrid Working Work for Your SME

Of the many changes thrust upon us by the pandemic, changes to the world of work have been some of the most dramatic. As businesses and their employees were forced to adapt to home working, and many companies realised that it actually worked for them, it raised an important question: Would full-time working in the … Read more