Leadership Coaching and Mentoring for Office-Based Women Leaders

The Journey Back to Self-Assured Leadership

Coaching and mentoring for compassionate and impactful leaders

"What started as a quick conversation to give me some pointers turned into a brilliant series of coaching sessions

which not only gave me chance to reflect and develop my own approach to the initial subject, but so much more around how to help develop and train people around me. Nicola sent useful, engaging and thought provoking content, she challenged and questioned my thought processes. "
Regional Managing Director




Mental Struggles

Compassionate leadership is badly needed in organisations.

But balancing kindness and authority in leadership is no easy task.

You want to lead with compassion and kindness but:

  • Pressure for performance, productivity, and efficiency gets in the way – overwhelm can reduce your capacity for compassion.
  • You fear being seen as weak – will being compassionate get in the way of difficult conversations and performance management?
  • You don’t want to be seen as the ‘soft touch’ manager – could people take advantage of your kindness to manipulate or avoid doing hard things? 
  • You worry about your brain fog and other symptoms  – does it affect your decision-making and problem-solving abilities and how you are perceived in the workplace?
Nicola building your foundations

The Sky's The Limit

When you learn how to combine compassion and strength in your leadership, you create that environment where ideas mix naturally, everyone listens to each other, and you unearth every person’s potential.

This puts you on a path to excellence where:

  • Tough performance management and difficult conversations are possible – listening, understanding, and empathising creates the conditions.
  • Everyone is pulling in the same direction – you’re invested in your people, they’re invested in going the extra mile.
  • Stronger team relationships develop – a culture of openness means greater empathy plus more creative and innovative thinking.
  • You lead with heart from the top -balancing compassion and assertiveness to set the tone for the team.
  • Your team support you  – even in those times of brain fog that impact your cognitive functions, because they know you have their back too.

Leading with Heart - Coaching and Mentoring for Compassionate and Impactful Leaders

“ Helping managers lead their teams with strength and compassion.”

A 3-month online coaching and mentoring programme giving you the support you need to lead in a way that resonates with your values and aspirations.   

This isn’t just about learning leadership – it’s about evolving your unique leadership potential into a reality, so you can inspire your team, shape your organisation’s success and boost your career, all on your terms.

It’s time to embrace leadership that’s not just taught, but tailored.


Learn practical techniques, strategies, and skills you can apply TODAY!

You don’t learn how to balance strength and compassion just by reading about it. Work with me directly and benefit from my decades of experience.

Skyrocket your leadership abilities

With personalised coaching that's moulded to your unique needs. You won't just lead; you'll inspire.

With personalised coaching that's moulded to your unique needs. You won't just lead; you'll inspire.

As we delve into your leadership style using a DISC assessment. You'll learn how to channel your strengths and turn your weaknesses into growth opportunities.

Get unwavering support whenever you need it

Whether it's a quick Whatsapp chat or a speedy email exchange, you're never alone on your leadership journey.

Discover the freedom of flexible learning

With bite-sized training videos, tailored just for you. And the best part? You can watch and re-watch them at your own pace, on your own time.

Transform your communication skills

Allowing you to articulate your vision and inspire your team like never before.

Supercharge your emotional intelligence

To create deeper, more productive connections with your team, peers, and superiors.

Master the art of conflict resolution

Turning team clashes into opportunities for growth and understanding.

Boost your confidence

And feel empowered to take bold decisions, manage risks, and inspire your team to new height

Here’s how it works:

Immersive coaching and mentoring sessions that delve deep into how you lead and how you can shape your approach to balancing kindness and authority. Sign up and you’ll get:

✅ 6 x 60-minute online mentoring sessions (delivered over 3 months)

Transform your leadership skills with 3 months of tailored guidance that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule. Meet me every fortnight on Zoom or Teams.

DISC behavioural assessment

Ever wondered why you react the way you do? With the DISC behavioural assessment, you’ll gain eye-opening insights into your unique leadership style. In your very first session, we’ll discuss your profile, enabling you to understand better your strengths, limitations, and how you interact with others. This newfound self-awareness is your secret weapon for boosting your effectiveness and influence as a leader.

Bite-sized training videos tailored to your needs

Who has endless spare hours for lengthy training? Get the bite-sized training videos you need so you can learn at your own pace, whenever, wherever.

Additional support in between coaching sessions

Ever felt stuck in between coaching sessions? Feel stuck no more. With this programme, support is always at your fingertips. Whether you need to fire me a quick question via email or WhatsApp, or you’d prefer a reassuring 15-minute phone call, you’ve got your leadership mentor in your pocket giving you real-time advice just when you need it.  

Links to blogs that will help with specific issues 

Seeking deeper insights into particular leadership challenges? As part of the programme, I’ll provide you with carefully curated links to insightful blogs addressing your specific issues. These treasure troves of knowledge will enrich your understanding and equip you with practical solutions, ensuring that no leadership challenge is too big for you to overcome. So, are you ready to supercharge your learning and grow as a leader?

Dive in!

A breakdown of how we work together

No more standing on the side-lines - it's your time to step up, conquer challenges, and lead with unwavering confidence and dynamism.

Mentoring sessions

Unlock Your Leadership Potential Through 6 intensive online mentoring sessions spread over 3 months, you'll find your authentic leadership style. Imagine confidently steering your team in alignment with your vision, and becoming the inspirational leader you've always aspired to be. You'll leave each session with practical strategies and insights, ready to apply your newfound knowledge to real-life scenarios and witness the transformative effect on your team and organisation.


Master Your Communication With a DISC behavioural assessment, you'll delve deep into your communication style. Understand not just how you communicate, but why. You'll uncover strengths you didn't know you had and discover ways to overcome challenges. Picture yourself effectively conveying your ideas, and becoming a leader who speaks everyone's language.


Expand Your Knowledge On Demand You'll gain access to short, engaging training videos created just for you. These bite-sized chunks of wisdom will fill your toolkit with techniques and strategies, enabling you to tackle any leadership challenge.

Imagine boosting your expertise at your own pace, in your own space.


Real-time Solutions, Right When You Need Them. With on-demand coaching, you'll always have expert guidance at your fingertips. This means instant support when challenges arise, ensuring that no issue holds you back for long. Imagine having a coach right there with you, helping you navigate through leadership obstacles, providing practical solutions, and empowering you to make confident decisions on the fly. Now that's powerful!

Nicola tested my mettle, she forced me to think longer term than the next couple of weeks, which is something I have always struggled with as a self employed developer. Nicola helped me to realise that I have the knowledge and the skills reuired and encouraged me to plot and plan for the future, recognise where I could delegate and to also recognise my own strengths. As a result from our sessions together I'm much happier in my role and looking forward to developing the business as an employer in the future.
Web Designer
it was a fabulous session, I feel honoured to have spent time with you. It's been so helpful and useful so will definitely refer back to it in the coming weeks and months.
Success Coach

What’s The Investment?

A reminder of what you get:

6 x 60-minute online mentoring sessions (value £1800):

You’ll get personalised guidance and support, enabling you to boost your leadership skills and drive your team to success.

DISC behavioural assessment (value £150):

Gain deep insights into your leadership style and how you interact with your team, helping you to improve communication and build stronger relationships.

Additional support between coaching sessions (value £250):

You’re not alone in this journey. Get the backup you need when you need it, ensuring continuous progress and learning.

Short bite-sized training videos tailored to your needs (value $400):

No need to waste time on irrelevant content. These customised videos focus on your specific challenges and goals, giving you actionable advice that you can quickly apply.

Links to blogs that will help with specific issues (value $100):

Stay informed and inspired with carefully curated content that’s directly relevant to your leadership journey.


Hey, I'm Nicola and I Managed Teams and Projects for over 30 Years - Now I'm Here to Guide and Support You to Leadership Excellence Through Practical Support

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Nicola Richardson

The People Mentor

I’ve spent over 33 years in business leadership and am using my extensive experience and expertise to help support managers who want to lead with strength and compassion.

As your mentor, I have a kind and encouraging approach to encourage you and your team to grow.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of compassionately mentoring managers in small and large organisations.

I have often felt bewildered that compassion is still considered ‘soft’ in some management and leadership circles when being a compassionate leader requires real strength.

My goal is to give you the tools to balance strength and compassion in your leadership, so you put yourself and your team on a path to excellence, without going against your values.

Through my Chartered Management Institute membership and up-to-date qualifications, I can provide you with access to the latest research and knowledge, enabling you to take your leadership skills to a new, more confident, and balanced level.


What Leading with Heart: -Coaching and Mentoring for Compassionate and Impactful Leaders will do for you…

Become the confident, resilient and effective leader your team needs.

  • Developing the confidence to lead compassionately and create an open and honest culture without fear of being seen as ‘soft.’
  • Learning how to have difficult conversations and navigating performance management with compassion. This will become easier, all because you’ve created the conditions where people feel listened to and cared for.
  • Building strong team relationships through compassionate leadership where going the extra mile, openness, creativity, and innovative thinking is the norm.

Is this for you?

If you are looking to balance kindness and authority as a leader so you can create the right conditions for thriving and success, then this programme will make the difference.


If you are a new or accidental manager

the programme will help you develop your leadership skills, particularly when it comes to balancing productivity, efficiency, performance, authority, and compassion.


Want to create a working environment where no one is afraid to share ideas

and everyone feels cared for and supported? This programme will support you to create the conditions for a more harmonious, productive, and efficient team.


If you want to grow personally and professionally as you go on your leadership journey

this coaching and mentoring programme will give you deep insights into how you lead now, and what kind of leader you could be. Not to mention a versatile skill set that set you in good stead as your career progresses.

Why Now ?

All around you, there’s talk of productivity, performance, and efficiency, yet where’s the compassion? Team members are suffering with burnout, stress, poor mental health, physical illness, and personal issues. Yet compassion in business can often be hard to come by. That’s why you need to be the one who takes action. By not taking action today and enrolling in the Leading with Heart: Coaching and Mentoring for Compassionate and Impactful Leaders programme you risk:

  • Missing out on the difference you could make as a compassionate leader, at a time when compassion in the workplace is so badly needed.
  • Without the skills to navigate difficult conversations and performance management issues compassionately, team relationships could suffer and problems left to fester will become much more serious.
  • Developing those softer skills is essential now, especially in these times of businesses struggling to recruit and managers needing to look after the well-being of team members who are working remotely. Failure to do so now might cause you to fall behind as a business.


How the sessions work?

Before the session, I will ask you to complete a DISC assessment. This will help us understand what areas you need support with the most and what we will focus on. You will receive your full report before our first session together. We will discuss the insights from the report and how you can use them.

During the first session, we will agree on the issues that need exploring and what your expectations are from the sessions.  

No subject is out of bounds and you are in a safe space.  What you tell me is treated confidentially.

What happens after each session?

There is nothing worse than being left stranded after a session.  Sometimes issues can be bubbling up that can’t wait. 

You get my support through email, chat, telephone or Zoom in between sessions.

Struggling with having a difficult conversation or an uncertain situation to deal with? 

My mission is to create the space that gives you the support.

I will also send out any tips or additional resources that I think you may find useful  

How do i pay for the programme?

Payment is taken at the time of booking. 

The cost is £1350 for the 3-month package, which is payable upfront as one payment or in three instalments – the first payment at the start, the next payment before session 3 and the final payment before session 5.   This is via PayPal or can be invoiced.

Longer mentoring programmes can be arranged, subject to need. Contact to discuss

What happens if I don't feel the sessions are working?

Before we start any work together we will have an initial session together to make sure we gel.

Being open and willing to discuss different options will help with the sessions.  Having a “growth” mindset rather than a “fixed” one is key.

I’m here to help you navigate bumpy roads and understand what you need to change.

Your heart and mind have to be bought into this journey for it work.

I'm concerned about maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Will this program address that?

Absolutely! I understand the importance of work-life balance. My programme guides you on managing your time effectively, setting boundaries, and prioritising self-care. 

You’ll learn strategies to reduce stress, avoid burnout, and create a healthier balance between work and personal life.

Will this program help me handle difficult conversations?

Absolutely! I understand the challenges of addressing difficult issues. My programme equips you with the confidence and tact to navigate these conversations successfully.

You’ll learn strategies to provide constructive feedback, set goals, and support your team members in reaching their full potential.

How can this program help me build positive relationships with my team?

Building empathetic, strong relationships is a key focus of my programme. You’ll learn effective communication techniques, active listening skills, and strategies to create a culture of trust and collaboration.

By implementing these principles, you’ll cultivate positive working relationships that enhance team dynamics, compassion and productivity.

I often struggle with adapting to change. Will this program help me become more resilient?

Absolutely! Resilience is a core component of my programme. You’ll learn strategies to embrace change, manage uncertainty, and maintain a positive mindset amidst challenges.

I provide tools and techniques to build resilience, enabling you to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Can this program help me improve employee satisfaction and engagement?

Yes, it can! My programme focuses on empowering leaders to create a positive and compassionate work environment that promotes employee satisfaction and engagement. 

You’ll learn how to motivate and inspire your team, recognise their contributions, and build a culture of growth and appreciation.

How will this program help me overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed as a leader?

My programme addresses the challenges of leadership overwhelm head-on. You’ll learn strategies for prioritisation, time management, and delegating tasks. 

I provide techniques to streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and regain control, allowing you to lead with clarity and confidence.

Are you ready to enhance your skills and show that kind and compassionate leaders can still be strong and impactful leaders?