Team Turnaround Package

As the business owner, you’ve always got so much on your plate.

But rather than spending your precious time on the tasks that would really make a difference, do you find yourself constantly wrestling with team issues?

From contract issues to conflict, issues with managers and teams become your headache.

Maybe there’s a team member that’s causing chaos.

Maybe managers lack the confidence or experience to sort out the issues.

You know it needs fixing, but you just don’t have the time.

That’s where I come in.

As your Team Fixer, I’m a safe pair of hands.

I can help you work out what’s really going on, and work with you to find the solutions you need to move teams and the business onwards and upwards.

Imagine how it will feel to get your time back.

Imagine the benefits for you, and the business, of having confident managers and engaged teams who want to go the extra mile.

This could be your reality.

How does this team turnaround package work?

Investigating what’s causing the main issues

You won’t have to rely on guesswork or trying to find the time to sort out issues by yourself, because I’ll dig deep and uncover the what’s going on; no finger-pointing. I’ll just give you the facts.

Identifying actions is key to solving the problems

Whether a lack of management experience, a need for development, a team’s lack of understanding of role and responsibilities, or something else is at the root of the problem, I can identify the steps you need to take to solve it.

If the teams need convincing of the need for training, development, and mentoring, I can help you present this to them that these interventions will translate into more harmonious teams, a more productive working environment, and ultimately, a healthier business.

Implementing the action plan

Manager and team development, and other tailored interventions will mean that fewer team issues end up on your desk when they shouldn’t have to, and you’ll be free to spend your time on the strategic tasks that will really make a difference to your business.

Not only that, managers will have the skills to build supportive, collaborative, and productive teams where issues aren’t left unchecked.

Evaluating the impact

This, along with my final evaluation of the interventions and report will help set the business on a much better course and put things on a more secure footing.

Happier, more engaged, and productive teams, and a healthier, more profitable business awaits.

I had the opportunity to participate in Managing a virtual Team session webinar presented by Nicola. Nicola provided us with an enriching online course during the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to help people to adapt their new routine working from home, which was a very generous attitude of her. The content of the webinar and the material she had shared with us was very useful and her leading of the programme was striking.

Gabriela Cruz – Legal Coordinator

I had the privilege of attending a morning workshop at the Horncastle Expo in 2018 which gave me and the delegates a great insight into her training approach. Nicola came across as very knowledgeable and an expert in her field. She clearly understands how to bring out the best in teams and is passionate about harmony and collaboration and how this can be achieved in the workplace. It was both engaging and insightful. I have also met with Nicola 1-1 to learn more about her work and business as The Peoples Mentor and found her very easy to talk with. Very genuine and friendly

Vicky Limb – Coach

If you’re wrestling with team issues that have been going on for far too long, don’t wait until they cause serious harm to the business.

Contact me about my Team Turnaround Package today. Each package is tailored for your needs and start from £600 per month, from 3 months to 9 months, depending on the needs of the business.