Team Turnaround Package

Creates high-performing teams that continually grow and keep the business moving in the right direction.

As the senior leader, you’ve always got so much on your plate. But rather than spending your precious time on the jobs you need to do, do you find yourself constantly wrestling with team issues?

From retention issues, sick leave to conflict, issues with managers and teams have become your headache.

Maybe there’s a team member that’s causing chaos?

Maybe managers lack the confidence or experience to sort out the issues.

You know it needs fixing, but you just don’t have the time.

You envisaged a life of just keeping an eye on the business while your employees got on with the jobs.

You wanted freedom.

You wanted awards for your business and let’s be honest the money rolling in to the business so you can enjoy life.

You wanted to revel in the jobs you loved doing in the business, but it has all become so tedious and exhausting?

That’s where I come in.

As your Team Fixer, I’m a safe pair of hands. 

I can help you work out what’s really going on, and work with you to find the solutions you need to move teams and the business onwards and upwards. 

Imagine how it will feel to get your time back. 

Imagine the benefits for you, and the business, of having confident managers and engaged teams who want to go the extra mile. 

This could be your reality.

How does this team turnaround package work?

Investigate what’s causing the main issues

Identify actions is key to solving the problems

Implement the action plan

Evaluate the impact

Happier, more engaged, and productive teams, and a healthier, more profitable business awaits.

I had the privilege of attending a morning workshop at the Horncastle Expo in 2018 which gave me and the delegates a great insight into her training approach. Nicola came across as very knowledgeable and an expert in her field. She clearly understands how to bring out the best in teams and is passionate about harmony and collaboration and how this can be achieved in the workplace. It was both engaging and insightful

Without hesitation, I would recommend Nicola’s services to anyone. She has been instrumental in creating a powerful team and an environment in which they enjoy coming to work each day

I can highly recommend Nicola, she has been instrumental in creating real positive change at the Butterfly Hospice. She recently delivered a team event in which our team established a team charter. The day was very enjoyable and certainly worthwhile. Great day!

What’s Involved?

Once my report recommendations are agreed, I will implement training, workshops, mentoring and much more to get your employees, managers and leaders to grow and develop into a more powerful and harmonious business.

I work in a bitesize way once the initial review has been carried out.  I understand that teams away from the workplace for any great length of time affect production and can create backlogs. I’ve seen the repercussions so any training planned or work with teams will be in 2-hour maximum slots.  This gives a better chance of absorption and the takeaway actions being implemented.

How much is really retained from all-day workshops?

Current studies show less than 10% of training is retained from all-day workshops.  My mission is to get your teams using what they’ve learnt to develop your business into an even better place by delivering bite-size sessions in an agile way, that meets their needs. 

I don’t deliver the training and mentoring and then walk away.  I am there for your business across the month, through telephone chats, emails and chat messages, giving your business the support to implement the new learning.

Once all my work is completed with you I will carry out a final review and a report for you to consider and understand the progress your business has made

What sort of training and workshops are covered?

I can give training in a wide range of areas having led strategically in a large organisation. 

This ranges from:

And much more. 

Not sure that I will give you what your teams need, then let’s chat and explore the possibilities.

What do I need from your business and your employees?

Commitment is essential from you and your senior leaders.  You need to be totally open to change and can see the benefits of involving your employees to create buy-in. 

Your employees need to understand as well, why they are on this journey.  If you take the time to go through why this programme, it will make a huge difference to the success.

Any training, workshops and mentoring needs to be fully supported.  It makes a difference if you as the lead, discuss and support actions that they are taking forward.

From your employees, their input will be taking part in mentoring, training and workshops in a maximum of 2-hour stints.  Additionally, there may be some bitesize homework such as listening to a 10-minute video or reading a blog or listening to a short podcast to help embed the learning.

What’s really important from your employees is that they are open-minded to change and that they go from the sessions and implement what they are learning.  This is the only way to get things to stick to make the difference required.

How do I pay for this programme and is it all upfront?

This programme runs from a minimum of 3 months to a year depending on the needs of the business and how fast you want to evolve and grow. 

Payment is monthly upfront with the first monthly payment due at commencement and thereafter monthly. 

There is also an option to pay in full at the start of the programme.

How do I know whether this is the right package for my business?

If you are seeing the same old problems rearing their head, from managers not holding the conversations needed, to pockets of sick absence, to grievances brewing and unhealthy work relationships and more, then you have underlying problems that need tackling head-on.

What happens after the initial call and discussion?

After the initial call I will submit a proposal for the initial work.  Once agreed I will carry out a thorough review using appropriate team documents, interviews and surveys to establish and understand the main issues for the business.  Once these are known, I wil share a report on my findings and we will agree the way forward.  As an experienced senior leader and consultant, I can support the business with any actions required. 

Whatever the issue is I can help change the way people work for the better and create a sense of belonging and commitment to the business.

I can take the pressure off you and make life a lot easier in the long term.

Still not sure then let’s have a call to explore.

If you’re wrestling with team issues that have been going on for far too long, don’t wait until they cause serious harm to the business.

Contact me about my Team Turnaround Package today.

Each package is tailored for your needs and the outcomes requiredby your business. 

Price is supplied at time of discussion. 

60-minute call

Initial discussion to identify issues and consider what is needed.  
This is a free Zoom or Teams call