About The People Mentor

Management, Leadership & Business Consultancy

“I believe that every employee can help your business achieve success.”

 I’m Nicola and I work with Leaders in large organisations creating more confident leaders who take action, achieve success and build high-performing teams.

I work with you to develop your leadership and management skills to balance your kindness and compassion with authority creating a more  strong and impactful leadership style

It pays to invest in yourself, to get the best results and enhance your career. 

Sometimes you can be too close to what’s going on to understand what’s sitting behind what’s going on.  

People can seem complicated & erratic. 

You’ve so many areas to cover.  Your time is in short supply.  Leadership can feel like you are walking a tightrope

I liaise with you and your team, developing great people, brilliant management and leadership and solving difficult employee issues.

Whether you want to develop, grow or inspire your employees, I can help you get the results you want.

I’ll use all the skills and experience I’ve collected over the last 33 years in business leadership as I support you to develop and improve both your team and you.  For many years, I compassionately mentored managers in large and small businesses to build high-performing teams and efficient processes.

I understand the juggling of home and work life, having brought up 2 daughters while working full-time and for a while being a single parent.  

What worked for my teams was some fun, the ability to listen to each other and a determination to make things happen, as well as a good dose of compassion and kindness. I will show you how to get the best from your team using strong and impactful leadership .

My Chartered Management Institute membership and qualifications mean I’ll be able to draw on the latest learning and updates to help you research your employees’ development goals.

My way of working consists of:

  • No nonsense mentoring with practical tools and techniques
  • Developing you and your managers into effective leaders using flexible, bite-size training minimising disruption to work and time away from the workplace
  • A personalised approach for your business that fits around your needs and strategic goals
  • Tuning in to the emotions and any identifying any undercurrents to establish the real cause of any issues
  • Honesty and empathy

I know that with the right tools and training, good leaders can become great. I’m here to help you to succeed beyond anything you could ever imagine.

I know you don’t want a typical hard-headed business consultant and mentor. You want someone who is not afraid to look at your leadership dreams and tell you what is needed to get you there, and who will do so with honesty, respect, and empathy.

You want a safe pair of hands.

I want to help you grow your leadership skills and build a powerful team that thrives and grows,.

A team that enjoys coming to work each day because of your  empathetic leadership approach.

Have you ever had it levelled at you that there’s a definite old boys club feeling in your workplace?

Often you don’t realise what you are encouraging with the banter you allow.

But before you know it you’ve dug a hole and created a culture that you don’t want.

You need to reset your standards in your business.

Talking about your values is key. Showing you are developing your leadership and being authentic makes a difference too.

If you’re struggling with the “how” part of that, my mentoring and courses will support you in developing your leadership.

It also gives you a safe space in an online community to bounce ideas around and gain support from developing leaders like yourself.

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“People can achieve so much if they work together to create a kind & compassionate environment, where they listen & talk to each other properly”

“Nicola has assisted and educated our staff member to have the confidence, self-belief and knowledge that we always believed she had, the training has not only helped develop our staff member but also ensured that our dispensary will have a bright future, with new ideas and a leader with the confidence to strategically plan and execute them to a high standard. We cannot recommend Nicola enough.”