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I’m Nicola, the face behind The People Mentor, and I like to think of myself as a creative problem solver with a love of life.

I live and work just outside of Boston in Lincolnshire, but I help SME Business Owners and their Managers across the UK transform good teams into great ones, to create better-performing businesses.

Think of me as The People Mentor for winning teams.

I’ve led successful teams for 30 years, and I know how it feels to have lots of great ideas but no clue about where to start.

I can help.

With my support, you can:

In uncertain times, businesses needs to grow and thrive, not just survive, and that’s why managers, especially the accidental ones, and teams need to be equipped with the right skillset to move onwards and upwards.

I know the idea of having someone come into the business can be daunting, but I’m not your typical hard-headed business consultant.

If you want someone who will...

Let’s chat about exactly what is possible!

I first contacted Nicola at thepeoplementor.co.uk to discuss training options as we have a long-serving dispensary manager, who has developed the role successfully into her own over a long period of time but is looking at reducing her working commitment with a view to retirement in the next couple of years. We had a staff member in mind to take over this role with a slow transition period, to develop, in the knowledge she already has of working in a busy dispensary environment.

We were keen for this staff member to further develop her leadership skills and also to help develop her confidence in dealing with every eventuality that might come her way, in a calm, confident and considered manner. Nicola took the time to understand the environment in which our staff member worked, before putting a structured training and development programme together, utilising face to face teaching skills, along with a distinctive web-based learning programme.

Nicola has assisted and educated our staff member to have the confidence, self-belief and knowledge that we always believed she had, the training has not only helped develop our staff member but also ensured that our dispensary will have a bright future, with new ideas and a leader with the confidence to strategically plan and execute them to a high standard.

We cannot recommend Nicola enough.

Chris Maddison, GP Practice Manager

The Practical Bit...

As well as having plenty of experience, I hold a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Diploma in Professional Consulting as well as Chartered Management Status.

One of my passions is keeping up to date on the latest thinking and I recently completed a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management Practice alongside becoming accredited as a DISC Facilitator.

When I’m not The People Mentor…

I co-run a local networking group with two other amazing ladies to promote collaboration and support for other businesses.

I babysit my gorgeous grandchildren, the apples of my eye.

I love being a detective on my family tree.

I write blogs as part of The Nutty One Online.