About The People Mentor

Management, Leadership & Business Consultancy

“I believe that every employee can help your business achieve success.”

I’m Nicola and I work with SME Business Owners across the UK  transforming companies into high-performing teams. 

You are only as good as the team around you so it pays to invest in your managers and teams to make sure you get the best results.

Great customer service

Well-oiled running teams

Teams who love change and transformation

Teams that go the extra mile and believe in your business

People who feel supported thrive. Nothing beats an environment where people genuinely care and show compassion and empathy without forfeiting honesty and leadership.

My way of working consists of:

Your business will benefit from my many years of operational and project leadership as I support you to develop and improve both your team and your business. 

My Chartered Management Institute membership and qualifications means I’ll be able to draw on the latest learning and updates to help you research your staff development goals. 

What can you expect when you work with me?

The Problem......

Without in-house People Management support, you are often the one left to resolve any issues and problems to help ensure you retain your best team members (avoiding recruitment & training costs).

It’s not easy and sometimes you can be too close to what’s going on to identify the real problem. People can be complicated & erratic. So many areas to cover. Your time is in short supply

The Solution......

I work with your People Management Specialist or you as the business owner to create your perfect team. I liaise with you and your team, solving difficult employee issues & developing great people management and leadership. 

Whether you’re wanting to develop, grow or inspire your employees, I can help you get the results you want using the following tools:

“People can achieve so much if they work together to create a kind & compassionate environment, where they listen & talk to each other properly”

Are you finding your teams difficult to handle or having sleepless nights wondering how you can get your employees on track? 

The People Mentor can help.

“Nicola has assisted and educated our staff member to have the confidence, self-belief and knowledge that we always believed she had, the training has not only helped develop our staff member but also ensured that our dispensary will have a bright future, with new ideas and a leader with the confidence to strategically plan and execute them to a high standard. We cannot recommend Nicola enough.”

Chris Maddison, GP Practice Manager Tweet