Are You Afraid of Hiring Your First Employee in your office-based business?

Your business is growing and you have far more work than you can handle on your own. You’ve considered countless times whether you need to hire someone. So what’s stopping you? Is it all of the additional responsibility-the paperwork, the insurance, the legal obligations? Or is it the time it will take to teach someone … Read more

How to Use Continuous Improvement tools in Your Office-Based Business Successfully

What is Continuous Improvement? Per the Chartered Management Institute, they define continuous Improvement as The seeking of small improvements in processes, and products, with the aim of increasing quality, and reducing waste. Continuous improvement is one of the tools which underpin the philosophies of total quality management, and lean production. Through constant study, and revision … Read more

How Positive Thinking Builds Resilience

  If you are resilient, it doesn’t mean that you’re immune to adversity and life’s challenges, but you will bounce back and learn from them. There are a number of things that help us build resilience, and positive thinking is one of them. Positive thinking is not about denying reality, but when you work on … Read more

Help Accidental Managers Hit the Ground Running

As an HR manager, you’ll know that dysfunctional teams equals people issues that will inevitably end up on your desk. Whether it’s niggles that have been left to fester or difficult conversations that should have been had, the problem is nearly always more difficult and time-consuming to solve by the time it gets to you. … Read more