5 Things You Need To Know Before I Transform You and Your Team

If you are considering working with me you will want to know what to expect. You might think I’m going to parachute in, solve all your problems and then disappear like Mary Poppins, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. To get the most out of our work together and to maximise the results for your … Read more

Difficult Conversations – Understand the Different Types and How to Make Them Easier

understanding conversations to make easier

What is the top HR most expensive mistake? Per People Management, it is avoiding those difficult conversations. The CMI (Thursday 02 July 2020) cite the trickiest conversations as: 1. Pay packets – 33% 2. Inappropriate behaviour in the workplace – 31% 3. Feedback on poor performance – 30% 4. Promotions – 23% 5. Sex – … Read more

Managing Boundaries and Expectations With Your Team

As a manager, getting your team to work together like a well-oiled machine is one of your most important (and toughest) jobs. You might have a team made up of brilliant individuals with unique strengths but it’s up to you to get everyone pulling in the same direction. How can you achieve this? I think … Read more

Top Tips to make Operational Leadership Easier and More Powerful

There you are, you’ve decided now is the time to change roles and you are excited but at the same time nervous as hell. You’ve taken on the role of the Operational Lead.  How are you going to make the right impression but at the same time make the changes needed? Let’s start with what … Read more