Success with Employees Membership

Training and support for employers who want high performing, independent teams.

Lead your team with confidence.

Build a team of high-performers who aren’t scared to take the initiative.

Get your time back.

Grow your business.

If any (or all) of these are on your wishlist, here’s the thing that’s going to get you there.

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£50 per month

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Introducing the Success With Employees Online Membership for
Small Office-Based Employers.


A membership for small employers just like you who want to
grow their business and have a more confident approach to managing employees. 


What’s included?


As a Success with Employees member, you’ll get bitesize videos, workbooks, and templates on the essentials that will help you up-level your leadership like;

As well as these modules packed full of invaluable knowledge, you’ll also get:

"Nicola has an insightful understanding of how workplaces work. From engagement within functional teams and meetings, to how management styles affect individuals and beyond. I've learnt much from Nicola through a series of engagements, all of which were delivered in a fun but knowledgeable and friendly way. Highly recommended! "
Richard Hardesty
WSP Commission Manager

If you want to:

Be an employer who feels confident and in control

Create an environment where your employees thrive and perform

Take your business to the next stage of growth

This membership is your roadmap to where you want to be.

Forget hiring expensive HR consultants or investing in courses that you start but never finish.

Success with Employees tells you what you need to know and backs that up with invaluable support.

You need affordable training and support that meets you where you are. It’s here.

What is the investment?

You can become a Success with Employees member for only £50 per month or £500 for the year*.

That means you can save £100 on the overall cost if you sign up for the year.

Where do you want your business to be a year from now?

I can help you get there.


High staff turnover, under performing, good employees leaving and bad ones staying – this membership will help you identify your best performers and keep them in the business.

Confidence, support, safe community to talk about and share those common issues. There are no issues that I haven’t come across or dealt with, so the chances are that anything that comes up if it’s new for you, I’ll be able to help you resolve it. A sounding board. Being a part of this membership means you don’t have to bring in an expensive external HR organisation, you reduce your chances of an unhappy staff member taking you to a tribunal

With over 33 years of experience in leading and managing teams, including operational teams, I have taken that knowledge to give you support to make your life easier.

I use my Chartered Management Institute Level 7 Diploma covering strategic leadership and management to give you the latest information and knowledge.

I bring to the membership my many experiences to share with you through virtual online videos,  training and templates to make your life smoother and calmer.  

"Nicola put together an excellent Management Essentials course and proactively found a way to deliver this despite the lockdown. The material was wide ranging and well put together and delivered in an engaging way, encouraging team working and enabling us to learn from others' experiences. I was impressed with Nicola's depth of knowledge and passion for her subject. "
Sue Phipps
Product Manager

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