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A successful and profitable business is one where everyone and everything is pulling in the same direction.
But what if that’s not what’s happening?

Something needs to change.

If you’re a Business Owner or Manager in a small to medium business, you might feel like responsibility for leading change lies on your shoulders, and even though you have great ideas on how to turn things around, you have no idea about where to start.

But one thing you’re sure of is that giving employees a voice, building a great team, and developing managers is the key to better performance and profitability.

But the problem is:
  • You’re the only one pushing for the change you KNOW is needed to improve performance, profitability, and to help the business move with the times.
  • Managers who’ve been in place forever are resistant to change, and you don’t want to upset the apple cart.
  • You’re time-starved and don’t know where you’d find the hours in the day to do any more than what you do already.
Here’s where I can help:
  • I can help you identify what’s needed for the business to flourish.
  • I can give you your time back by up-skilling and developing managers and teams to grow the business and increase profits.
  • With my support, you’ll have a confidante and you’ll no longer be the lone voice pressing for improvements.
What I offer:

Bespoke packages and bitesize training and workshops aimed at:

  • Building and developing well-supported, confident, and energised teams to increase performance and profitability.
  • Helping you lead change confidently with EVERYONE on board.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Nicola’s services to anyone. She has been instrumental in creating a powerful team and an environment in which they enjoy coming to work each day. We now consider Nicola as a fundamental member of that team. I’m sure that Nicola’s professionalism, knowledge and experience will continue to help us develop and grow – and I can say unreservedly that she can add value to any aspiring business.

Clint Johnson – Founder of Control Freaks Ltd, Systems Integration and Electrical Engineer

Why me?
  • I know you don’t want a consultant who comes in and is too aggressive and formal.
  • I know you don’t want big workshops that try to invent the wheel and upset managers who are used to running the show
  • I have over 30 years’ experience in operational management and leading teams, and I know it can be a lonely place. But I also know that with the right tools and training, the business can perform better and become much more profitable.
That’s why I:
  • Look at the business and tell you how it is, with honesty, respect, and empathy.
  • Won’t baffle teams with jargon.
  • Believe in bitesize training that will engage, not alienate people.
  • I’ve been where you have been. I know that you just want to get the best out of people, process, and performance. I can help you get there.

FREE eBook

This is such a difficult time for employees and as Employers and HR Managers we owe it to our employees to get the way out of the pandemic right.

If we get it right, then employees will feel:

  • supported
  • cared for
  • will go the extra mile
  • continue to perform
  • and they won’t end up going off sick
  • or even worse ending up in employment tribunals

This free ebook covers finding the positives in the situation we are in. It discusses anxiety and grief. And looks at Resilience. All areas that will potentially affect your workplace.

It also covers flexible working practices, the Annual Leave position and what’s next. Areas that will rear their heads over the new few months.

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