How to Build a Culture of Kindness in Your Office-Based Business

There are people who believe there’s no room for kindness and compassion in the workplace, but to me, that makes no sense.

Where there is a culture of kindness and compassion, people are happier, teams work better together in harmony, and everyone feels supported, respected, and valued.

No, this is not some kind of utopia, it can happen!

One of the first things I try to do when I go into a business is to restore a sense of compassion and kindness where it has been lacking. Believe me, it can transform a workplace.

A culture of kindness and compassion equals motivated, engaged, and productive teams who want to do their best for the business, and far less stress for you!

And it’s not just about kindness, it’s about showing people that you appreciate them. Appreciation and gratitude for a job well done is contagious. Your workplace fast becomes a more positive place where people really want to be.

So how do you build a culture of kindness?

Make a point of including it in your values and behaviours statement

What does a ‘culture of kindness’ mean for your business. It shouldn’t just be a set of buzzwords. How do you expect employees to conduct themselves? How will kindness and compassion help you achieve your business goals?

Set an example

They say you should be the change that you want to see, and if you want a culture of kindness, it all starts with you as a leader. Make kindness a part of everything you do and it will soon catch on as ‘the way we do things around here.’ Say good morning, be approachable, and show a genuine interest in people. Practise what you preach.

Be understanding

People will make mistakes and conflicts will happen, but always give them the benefit of the doubt. We are all only human. Demonstrating kindness and compassion means that you listen to the other person’s perspective and work with them to solve a problem. It’s not about jumping to conclusions or making judgements about them.

Build good relationships

This goes a long way to building a culture of kindness. If you are guided by kindness and empathy in your relationships with employees, it builds trust, respect, and loyalty. Ask how people are, offer them support if they are going through a difficult time, and say thank you for a job well done.

Respect everyone’s contribution

Kindness is about making people feel valued and respected, and one way you can achieve this is by allowing them to contribute ideas and opinions without fear of judgement or ridicule. Building a culture of kindness is thinking about how people want to feel at work and creating an environment that’s conducive to that.

Make your team a shining beacon of kindness

Giving something back as a team can really help to strengthen bonds and build a culture of kindness. Could you raise funds for charity, collect donations for a local food bank, or take part in a sponsored event as a team? Do something that is centred on giving to others but that also represents the values you want front and centre in the business.

What will you do to build a culture of kindness in your business?

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