The Essential Skills to be a Successful Manager In A SME Business EBook


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eBookAre you a new manager or an accidental one?

Every business faces challenges, but managers of SMEs face more than most. Often, it can feel very lonely with few other managers to turn to for support.

From hiring and managing your people to balancing strategic tasks with the day-to-day stuff, it can be a steep learning curve when you don’t have huge departments full of people to help you.

The good news is that you can be an incredibly successful SME manager when you learn and develop the right skills.

In this eBook, read about the essential skills needed to be a successful manager in an SME business.

Only £5

46 pages of tips and insights using the experience from my over 30 years leading and managing small and large businesses and my studying at the Chartered Management Institute

As a new or accidental manager, it can feel so lonely, especially when struggling to get the support you need.

You are thrown into the deep end, barely keeping up and with limited time to learn and develop.

This eBook gives you insight into the 10 essential skills needed to get the best out of your team, get them performing well and create a great workplace.

Pick it up, put it down as needed, and know you are on the right path to success.


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