Tackling Difficult Conversations With You and Your Teams

Better Conversations, Better Performance and
Team Relationships

Time to bite the bullet and create the business and teams you really want.

Making Difficult Conversations Programme For Your Managers and Leaders

Are your managers reluctant to deal with problems within the team?


Do they lack the confidence to address serious issues within the team?


Is firefighting and intervening in ongoing internal drama and team conflicts seriously draining your time?


Concerns exist, but they are just not going away?


Can you see issues escalating and worry that you could potentially lose an employee or be walking into an unfair dismissal claim or an employment tribunal?


Have you noticed staff morale is low or that you don’t have the working culture you want?


Do you want managers who have the skills and the confidence to deal with disputes and concerns, and not just leave them to brew?

The “Making Difficult Conversations Easier” programme is all about creating managers that have the confidence to deal with problems, hold difficult conversations, and build engagement to create an open, honest, and enthusiastic workforce. 

Having a team that works well together and can overcome issues as they arise delivers the performance and profitability needed for a sustainable and growing business. It works to create an environment where people are open to change as well as being keen to develop and perform better within their roles.

You will gain:

What’s Involved?

The Programme consists of 10 weekly 2 hour virtual interactive sessions alongside bitesize reading and videos sent across the weeks to embed the learning.  Additionally I’m on hand through messaging and mentoring by telephone to discuss any difficult conversations and how to handle them over this period for those taking part. Having someone there to offload to and discuss different approaches can make a huge difference to the success of conversations. 

The programme includes:

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Difficult Conversations Mentoring Session for Individual Managers and Leaders

“One of the best skills to master is difficult conversations”

Is it a conversation with someone senior challenging them?

Is it dealing with rude and obnoxious behaviour?

Or is it delivering tough news or even saying no to someone.

The first thing to consider before you begin any difficult conversation is what is at stake.  And what will happen if you have the conversation.  And even more important is what will happen if you don’t have the conversation.

As a manager and leader, the thought of holding a difficult conversation can be daunting.

You imagine the worst and stories play through your mind.

Becoming better at having difficult conversations is possible, and it’s crucial because it can be the difference between good working relationships with valued employees, and damaged relationships with employees who are disengaged.

There’s nothing better than feeling you have made the right decision to have the conversation and then having the tools at your disposal to feel confident.

Difficult Conversations mentoring sessions can help you overcome your fear of difficult conversations.

If you’re struggling, I am offering two 90-minute sessions to help you tackle difficult conversations. You will come away with a clear plan and format to hold the conversation and as a result, will feel more confident with tools you can use in the future and more in control of your emotions. 

It will give you a safe space to practice too.

Only £250 for the two sessions.

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