How Business Owners Hold the Key to Better Employee Experience and A Healthier Business

One of the most important jobs a business owner has is managing and improving the employee experience, from the first time they walk through the door to the day they leave the business.  

Employees who have a good experience at work are more engaged, productive, and fulfilled, plus they won’t be as tempted to seek greener pastures. But where there is disharmony in teams, and people don’t feel listened to, respected, or valued, it’s a very different picture.  

Where there are dysfunctional teams and managers who don’t have the experience to nip the problems in the bud, employee problems become your problem.  

You know there’s a need to look at employee experience as a whole; to consider how people are treated and whether they are valued, listened to, and appreciated when they are employees of your business. You know that people need to feel invested in what they are doing and to feel it’s safe to voice their concerns and opinions, and contribute ideas. You also know it’s crucial to foster good workplace relationships and deal with conflict before it gets out of hand. So how can you achieve all of this? 

You can observe and ask employees about their experience  

Observing how people work together as well as what runs smoothly and what doesn’t will help you spot issues in the business, regardless of what employees actually tell you. But it is also important to ask them about their role and any improvements that could be made in the way things are done in the business. For example, you could ask questions like ‘what do you feel is stopping you from doing your job as well as you could be doing it?’ 

Invest in employees with the longer term in mind  

Employee induction, initial training, and orientation is a big investment, and because employees are your most valuable asset, you should continue to invest in them and help them develop, for their good, and for the good of the business, now and in the future.  

Invest in team and manager development  

When employees understand their roles and responsibilities and when they’re given some common values to get behind, they’re more likely to be invested in what they’re doing and perform better for the business. When managers learn key skills like how to manage conflict and have difficult conversations, it makes for more harmonious teams, which has a positive impact on the business (and on you.) 

Turn teams and the business around, once and for all  

The frustrating thing for you is that you can often see the cause of issues in the business and what needs to change to prevent any worsening in the future, improve the employee experience, and ultimately make the business more productive, profitable, and a better place to work.  

But you face what feels like insurmountable challenges: 

  • You have no time to sort the issues out  
  • You feel like the only person who is calling for positive change and who sees the need for improvement 
  • Managers in charge of dysfunctional teams can’t/won’t have the difficult conversations that are needed 
  • Managers are reluctant to do anything different from the way things have always been done 
  • You’re the only person currently to make a change and you’ve got the running of the business first. 

I can help.  

As your #TeamFixer, I can help you turn your teams around, and transform them from disgruntled, disillusioned, and disengaged employees to happy, fulfilled, and engaged team players who want to do well and contribute to the success of the business.  

I’ll come in and observe what’s going on, and maybe find issues you never even knew you had. There’ll be no finger pointing, just an empathetic, understanding, and honest diagnosis of the issues that are stressing you out and stopping the business and its people from reaching their full potential.  

I can give you your time back and transform the business into a well-oiled machine by upskilling teams and managers so that everyone moves forward together and there are no old niggling issues lingering in the background, eating away at the good work that has been done.  

I can help you make your case confidently to directors about what needs to change and why, and they’ll see the evidence for themselves.  

If you’re a business owner who wants real, positive, and lasting change in a business, and you’re desperate to love your role again and do what you do best, Book a call to find out what I can do for you. 



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