How Business Owners Hold the Key to Better Employee Experience and A Healthier Business

One of the most important jobs a business owner has is managing and improving the employee experience, from the first time they walk through the door to the day they leave the business.   Employees who have a good experience at work are more engaged, productive, and fulfilled, plus they won’t be as tempted to seek greener pastures. … Read more

Developing Resilience In The Workplace

Are you sitting comfortably? Welcome to my series of podcasts that will help you to navigate those inevitable difficult events at work that are part of being a manager. Today I want to talk about how to build resilience at work. The World Health Organisation has called stress the “global health epidemic of the 21st … Read more

The Importance of Training Managers to Deal with Conflict

Some amount of conflict in the workplace is inevitable, but when conflict is allowed to linger and it escalates, this is when it becomes the business owner’s problem. Supportive and collaborative workplaces where working relationships are good, improve performance and productivity, but where conflict and dysfunction have become the norm in a team, the business … Read more

Dealing With a Team Member With Performance Issues

Hi, I’m Nicola from The People Mentor. In this series of podcasts, I want to share some practical tips and advice that HR managers can share with line managers. Team and management issues clog up the desk of many HR managers when with the right support or HR training, they could be dealt with at … Read more

Dread Difficult Conversations? Here’s How to Change Your Mindset

Having conversations that you’d rather not have comes with the territory when you’re a manager. As an HR manager, you probably have more difficult conversations with employees than most, but it doesn’t mean that you find them any easier. No matter how experienced you are, difficult conversations are a challenge because: You worry about what … Read more