What Should You Do When Employees Are Reluctant to Come Off Furlough?

Millions of workers have been on furlough for months now. Many will have had money worries, anxiety about health and the future, and some will have lost people they love to the virus. Amid the pressures of working from home and the restrictions of the lockdown, many people will have felt stressed, anxious, and isolated. … Read more

How Putting People at the Heart of What You Do Can Transform a Business

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Dealing With a Team Member With Performance Issues

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The Biggest Challenges Facing HR Managers

Good people are the backbone of a successful business, and they are the most valuable resource. People management is one of the biggest challenges any leader will face, and as an HR manager, it’s a challenge you often have to face alone. Managing people is complex, and that’s without the additional organisational pressures of navigating … Read more

Deal With Team Issues and Start 2020 As You Mean to Go On

The end of the year is fast approaching, and with that comes a chance to reflect on what has been going well and what is not so great. Wouldn’t it be lovely to finish the year strong and be able to look forward to starting the new year feeling fresh and positive? Maybe you could … Read more