The Biggest Challenges Facing HR Managers

Good people are the backbone of a successful business, and they are the most valuable resource. People management is one of the biggest challenges any leader will face, and as an HR manager, it’s a challenge you often have to face alone.

Managing people is complex, and that’s without the additional organisational pressures of navigating change, giving direction to accidental managers, and persuading directors to support the changes you know are needed to make the business run like a well-oiled machine.

In this blog, I want to talk about some of the biggest challenges that HR managers face, and how I can help you deal with them with confidence.

The biggest challenges for HR Managers:

Lack of time

As an HR manager, you probably get very frustrated that situations like interpersonal conflict and performance issues go unchecked because managers (particularly the accidental ones) don’t have the experience or inclination to have those difficult conversations. As a result, things end up on your desk when they shouldn’t and you spend a lot of your time firefighting rather than focusing on the strategic HR tasks that would really benefit the business.

‘Doing change’ well

Change is the only certainty, in business and in life. As an HR manager, you’ll have to deal with resistance to, and fear of, change, even if it’s for the better.

It’s your job to help employees adapt to change as well as making sure they have the necessary skills to run with the changes that come along.  You’re clear on what is needed to manage change well but the minute you step away it all goes wrong.

Helping managers develop

Behind every high-performing team is a competent manager. But what happens when managers are thrust into a management role with little or no experience, and even worse, they inherit a dysfunctional team?

As an HR manager, your life will be far easier if managers are giving the training and development they need to succeed, not only in strategic management skills but in the softer skills like having difficult conversations and resolving conflict.  As the HR Manager, it’s difficult to find the time to write the programmes needed and then deliver them.

Getting directors on the same page

For any business to be successful and to remain competitive, providing employees with the right training and development is essential. Employees who are continuously developed will be more engaged and loyal, and they’ll also be skilled enough to take the business into the future. Employees who are developed feel recognised and supported.

Of course, you can see a definite need for training and development, but you don’t hold the purse strings. It’s the managers and directors above you that will need to be persuaded about the value of things like training. But how do you talk to them about what’s needed in a way that won’t fall on deaf ears and leave you feeling frustrated?

I can help.

How I can help you

Are you an HR manager who is out of time and fed up of feeling frustrated at not being able to focus on the tasks you know will bring real value to the business?

Do you wish that managers could pick up the slack with people issues so they don’t always end up on your desk?

Do you dream about a day where the directors and managers above you will be able to see what you see, and implement the changes you know are badly needed?

  • I can give you your time back by developing managers so they have the skills to deal with difficult situations.
  • I can help team members understand their roles and responsibilities, and identify values they can really get behind.
  • I can help you make the case for change to directors who are stuck in their ways.
  • I can help you turn things around and feel passionate about your role again.
  • I can create that sense of peace you crave and take away the burden of what is going on around you.

My packages and masterclasses can help with all of this and more. With my support, you can concentrate on what you do best and help the business take real strides towards success.

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