How to Get the Best Out of Your Employees

No matter what business you’re in, to be truly successful, you need a great team. You might pride yourself on the fact that you’ve hired some really good people; but the question is, how do you get the best out of your employees, on the good days and the not so good days?

Inspire people

Simply handing out orders will get people to do the work, but it won’t make them want to do their best and work hard for you. To achieve that, you have to inspire them. Share a vision and goals they can become invested in, and they’ll want to work hard and take pride in what they do.

Make your expectations clear

You’ll get the best out of your employees if you make your expectations of them clear from the start. When you do this, undesirable behaviours are far less likely to emerge in the team.

Strive to create a healthier working environment

Employees are much more likely to feel motivated and valued if you show them that you care about their wellbeing. Encourage regular breaks, eating lunch away from the desk, and being active throughout the day. Providing a quiet place for employees to take their breaks or just to take a moment can be really helpful, and never underestimate the effect of a clean, light and airy workplace on how people feel. Remember that healthy employees are productive employees.

Give morale a boost when it’s needed

It can be difficult to be energised and motivated, especially at this time of the year, so do something regularly to boost team morale, like after-work drinks, a team lunch, an away day, or a dress down day once per month.


How often do you genuinely listen to your employees? Listening to people makes them feel valued and important, and people who feel valued will always do more.

Be vulnerable

You’re a manager, but you’re human, you make mistakes, and you have strengths and weaknesses, so let your team see that. Opening yourself up and showing them that you’re just like them can really build trust which is one of the essential ingredients for good working relationships and getting the best out of your team.

Give clear directions

You’ll get the best out of your people if you give them instructions in simple, clear language. Give clear instructions, ask questions to check for understanding, and repeat what you have said if necessary.

Invest in your people

If you don’t help people develop in their role, you lose good people as they inevitably move on to greener pastures. So invest in training and development, and give employees new opportunities and responsibilities. This doesn’t only benefit them, it benefits your business as you have access to upskilled staff, who can see the potential for growth and development within your business.


Give credit where it’s due

You know the old adage, there’s no ‘I’ in team? It’s completely true. Rather than taking all of the credit for any wins, recognise the team effort, and say a personal thank you to anyone who went above and beyond.

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