Leadership Skills – How to Persuade and Influence People

As a leader, how do you get everyone pulling in the same direction?

How do you motivate your team and inspire them to work hard and achieve great things?

Some managers use coercion or control to get things done, and while this might get your team to do what you want, they won’t be doing it with any enthusiasm and they won’t be invested in the outcome.

A far better way to rally your team behind you and the wider business goals is to focus on building trust using the art of influence and persuasion.

Influence is not about wielding power over your team, it’s about being able to have a positive impact on behaviours, choices, and ways of working that will result in business success.

Here’s how to persuade and influence people.

Be credible

A credible leader is an influential leader. You can’t expect your team to do things if you don’t do them yourself, and you can’t expect people to consider you a credible leader if you never do what you say you’re going to do, and meet any objections with ‘Do it because I said so!’

As a leader, you have to set an example for your team, follow through on decisions, and be able to clearly communicate to your team why you have decided on a particular course of action.

Listen to people

Yes, you’re busy, but listening to people is so important. I mean really listening, without thinking about what you’re going to say next, or talking over someone. Listening is an important part of good communication, and good communication builds trust.

Who do you think would be more able to persuade and influence people- a leader who talks over people constantly and makes them feel like they are not being listened to, or one who listens, asks questions to show they understand, and gives a thoughtful and honest response?

Give praise where it’s due

This might seem like a small thing, but thanking people or praising them for a job well done, even if what they’ve done is a normal part of their role makes them feel valued and they’ll work harder for you. Not only that, making someone feel valued increases feelings of trust and positivity in the workplace and it will put you in a far better position to be able to influence and persuade your team.

Build trust

Trust is a cornerstone of leadership. It’s impossible to build good relationships with your team if there is no trust, and if there’s no trust, there’s not going to be much of a chance of you being able to influence and persuade people either.

Work on creating an environment where people want to come every day, where they are not afraid to make mistakes, where they feel valued and able to share their thoughts and ideas, and where honest and open communication is the rule, not the exception.

Be confident

A confident leader is a persuasive and influential leader. If you can demonstrate decisiveness, a willingness to pivot when things don’t work out the way you’d hoped, and a belief in your vision, your are more likely to be able to inspire people to get behind you and do their best for the business.

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