How To Create A Sense of Belonging in the Workplace

A sense of belonging is a fundamental human need, and in order to create a harmonious and productive workplace where employees want to be, leaders need to work on creating a sense of belonging at work.  

Here’s how to create a sense of belonging in the workplace.  

Work on breaking down barriers  

You can’t expect to click with every person you meet, but sometimes, barriers exist between people because they don’t understand or know enough about each other.  

As a leader, you’re perfectly placed to set the example of being more open, getting to know about what makes people tick, and what their life is like outside work. Encourage people to share more and discuss more, and you’ll create a real sense of togetherness and belonging.  

Rally everyone behind a shared vision and common goals  

It’s up to you as a leader to create a shared vision that everyone can get behind and that they feel a part of. If employees can see how their role contributes to the bigger picture, even better.  

Be a mentor to your employees 

To create a sense of belonging in the workplace, you don’t just need to be ‘the boss,’ you need to be a mentor who listens to employees, offers support, demonstrates empathy, gives (and is willing to receive) feedback, and encourages them to develop. This will make employees feel that you truly care and that they are a valued part of something bigger than themselves.  

Make creating a sense of belonging your priority 

Creating a sense of belonging is about being deliberate about including people and welcoming, and trying to understand, their point of view.  

Employees need to feel like they belong and that their work has meaning, or they’ll become disengaged before long. Leaders need to share their vision with employees and communicate the business values and strategy so that employees can see how they contribute individually and collectively to the wider goals. This creates a sense of meaning and belonging that will produce the desire and momentum to succeed. Better business performance and profitability awaits.  

What are you doing as a leader to create a sense of belonging in the workplace?  

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