3 Steps to Improving Your Mindset as a Small Employer

Have recent times made you realise how resilient you are, or that your resilience is glaringly lacking? Life as an employer is never easy and it might feel like you’re never far away from a big change or the next crisis. But the good news is that if you’re not the most resilient person, you … Read more

How Understanding Transactional Analysis Can Help Office-Based Leaders Be Successful

Have you ever had an interaction with one of your employees where it’s felt like they were a naughty child and you were the frustrated parent? It’s a frustrating but all too common pattern that workplace interactions fall into. But why do the dynamics end up like this and how can you improve communication and … Read more

Successful Negotiation for Business Owners

Are you sitting comfortably? Welcome to my series of podcasts that will help you to navigate the issues that you’ll inevitably come up against as a business owner. Today I want to talk about how to negotiate.   Do you consider yourself to be a good negotiator? Negotiating skills are essential in business, whether you’re negotiating … Read more

How to Prevent Conflict in Your SME Office-based Workplace

Many moons ago I can recall walking into a huge storm from two of my team members.  I was young and inexperienced and really struggled with how to deal with it.  I met with both members and listened to their side of the argument.  It was all about the previous manager sharing work out and … Read more

Can You Carry Out a Successful Disciplinary When Working Remotely?

The pandemic has brought many practical challenges for managers. It has forced businesses to adapt normal working practices and procedures, and disciplinary procedures are no exception. Can you carry out a disciplinary when working remotely? Now that we are returning to workplaces and in many cases working with a hybrid of remote and workplace, it … Read more